Blog Plugins & Themes are Compatible with SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0!

Friday October 14, 2022   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngine recently released the SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0 version with few improvements and bug fixes. We highly recommend community owners to always use the upgraded versions. So, update your website to this latest version along-with's fully compatible plugins & themes soon.

Plugins Compatible in the Phase-I


Plugins Compatible in the Phase-II


Plugins Compatible in the Phase-III


Important Note

We're releasing the compatible plugins in the phases and in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd phase of releases, above mentioned plugins are compatible with the SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0 Version. We'll release the plugins which are not compatible yet in the next phase soon.

If you need any help with this upgrade, you can purchase our service Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 6.2.0.

Note : For upgrading SocialEngine versions 5.0 and above, a small fee is charged by SocialEngine

To know all about this upgrade, please refer to SocialEngine’s official blogpost.

For all those plugins which are not compatible yet, we would suggest you to please disable them from the backend for sometime, meanwhile we are working on the compatibility of those plugins and going to release an update soon.

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