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Special Discount on Memorial Day 2019 with 20% OFF on Everything !

On the remembrance of the brave men and women who gave their lives to protect the freedom while serving in the United States Armed Forces, SocialEngineAddOns is offering you a discount of 20% on everything including: Mobile Apps | Plugins | Read More

SocialEngineAddOns - Good Friday & Happy Easter with 30% Discount on Everything

SocialEngineAddOns wishes you all a Good Friday & a very Happy Easter! To add up to your joy, we're offering huge 30% discount on everything including: Mobile Apps | Plugins | Themes |

SocialEngineAddOns Recent Releases on SocialEngine Store

We are glad to announce that recently, we have released four plugins & four packages on SE Store. These will help you to build a thriving and engaging SocialEngine based website as they contain many essential components to make your social network successful ! Plugins Advanced Music Plugin It helps in making your website, more fun and engaging.

Want to have more information on SocialEngine Unite Beta? Here is an update!

SocialEngine has recently launched SocialEngine Unite Beta as a SaaS product and this has been developed by merging SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud, and this is for cloud users only. This has been developed by taking full advantage of the latest technology React.js and Node.js which empowers many great features for users of SE Cloud version.

Comparison between Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps & Responsive Themes

Progressive Web Apps are the next version of web apps which offer native app user experience. Native Apps are specifically written for a specific device type or a set of device types.

Multilingual Mobile Apps for SocialEngine based Communities

Localization is a key aspect today for success of mobile & web applications, as there is a large potential user-base of non-English-speaking population. The No. 2 and No. 3 countries for iOS App Store revenue: China and Japan, are both non-English-speaking countries.   Multilingual apps can do wonders when it comes to attracting new potential users towards your community and business.

ADvice For Your Community Ads: Getting Early Monetization

This is a guest post by Paul Rothbein, founder of PlacervilleSEO.com, a SocialEngine focused marketing and consulting firm. In this article, Paul talks about early monetization tips for "Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin". You have 100 members on your site. Your newsfeed gets about 1 update per week and about 10 people signing in per week.

Determining Your Directory’s Direction: Guest Author Paul Rothbein shares useful tips for Directory / Pages Plugin

This is a guest post by Paul Rothbein, founder of PlacervilleSEO.com, a SocialEngine focused marketing and consulting firm. He is also the owner of Myriud.com which is currently in a redevelopment stage.

Creating a Client Account on SocialEngineAddOns

A valid Client Account can be created on SocialEngineAddOns.com only by purchasing atleast one of our products or services. To see our products, visit: http://www.socialengineaddons.com/catalog/1/plugins.

Tips: How to know Latest Available Versions of Plugins, New Releases, and more

Many Clients have contacted us inquiring about latest available versions of plugins, new releases, etc. All this information is easily and intuitively available to you right in the Admin Panel of your website itself.