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Tuesday April 16, 2019   |   News & Updates , New Releases , FAQs   |   Leave a Comment

We are glad to announce that recently, we have released four plugins & four packages on SE Store. These will help you to build a thriving and engaging SocialEngine based website as they contain many essential components to make your social network successful !


Advanced Music Plugin

It helps in making your website, more fun and engaging. You can enjoy music through your browser while surfing your website.

$39.00 $59.00 Buy Now

Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin

You can create beautiful and elegant slideshows using this plugin with multiple banners within a single slideshow.

$29.00 $39.00 Buy Now

FAQs & Tutorials Plugin

This plugin can be used on your site for endless purposes like: FAQ System, Tutorials, Help Center, Glossary, Q & A, and many more!

$35.00 $49.00 Buy Now

Sticky / Fix Page Widget

Sticky / Fix Page Widget is a tiny and simple widget to fix the content of column regardless of how far the page is scrolled.

$15.00 $19.00 Buy Now


SEAO- All Products Package

With this package, you will get a dynamic and top-rated theme that will add the best visuals to your website, as well as all other plugins that can help you to make your social network successful.

$999.00 $1422.00 Buy Now

SEAO- FB Clone Package

It helps you to build your website that yields a finished product which not only looks like but also has amazing features similar to the ones on Facebook which helps in amazing user experience.

$999.00 $1460.00 Buy Now

Website Speed-up / Speed Booster Package

This package can significantly increase your website speed and can help you in moving one step ahead of your competitors.

$69.00 $157.00 Buy Now

& Sign-up Tools

This package allows quick sign up and access to websites using existing Social IDs and results in increasing user traffic on your website.

$49.00 $78.00 Buy Now

All our products on SocialEngine Store are also available at more than 30% discount.

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