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These are the tutorials for making enhancements, customizations, etc to the plugins available at SocialEngineAddOns .

SEAO Offering AWS Migration Free Of Cost

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world’s largest cloud computing platform bragging over a million customers. AWS dominates the cloud computing market, although Azure is gradually trying to catch up to it, AWS still commands over the market. AWS being the dominant of all other cloud computing platforms provides an extensive range of features allowing users to gain easy access to computing power.

SocialEngineAddOns - Good Friday & Happy Easter with 30% Discount on Everything

SocialEngineAddOns wishes you all a Good Friday & a very Happy Easter! To add up to your joy, we're offering huge 30% discount on everything including: Mobile Apps | Plugins | Themes |

iOS & Android Mobile Apps Now Available At Never Before Prices

We’re very excited to let you know that we’ve significantly reduced the prices of our Mobile Apps as a way to show our sincere gratitude towards our clients. Now, you need to pay $499 (instead of $999) for one time only for getting subscription to our Mobile Apps (iOS + Android) and if you opt for monthly subscription plan, then you need to pay $99 (instead of $599) one time plus $79 as monthly recurring payment. So, if you're planning for getting mobile apps for your

Must-have Services for Your SocialEngine Community Website

We are glad to let you know that recently, we’ve launched many services which are must-have services for your SocialEngine community website to create an engaging and providing the best experience to your community users. To know more regarding the services, please refer to our Services page. Ongoing Discount Offer Get Flat 30% Off

Comparison between Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps & Responsive Themes

Progressive Web Apps are the next version of web apps which offer native app user experience. Native Apps are specifically written for a specific device type or a set of device types.

Upgrade Your SocialEngine Website to 4.10.3p5 for Critical Security Patch

  A critical security patch has been released by SocialEngine '4.10.3p5', this patch fixes a CSRF vulnerability which allows someone with advanced knowledge the ability to take over an account by changing the email if the website allows HTML and if advanced code were injected to the website due to allowing HTML or iframes. So, SocialEngine recommends not allowing members to add iframes and only allowing HTML to be used by trusted members.

Staging Website: A Key to Success for SocialEngine Website Owners

A lot of our SocialEngine clients report problems they face with the installation and upgrade of 3rd party plugins, themes and SE core causing damage to their reputation because of their live website going down, or due to the bugs coming on their live website after installation of a new theme or a plugin or adding a new custom feature. To help you overcome this challenge, Team SocialEngineAddOns recommends you to build a Staging W

Exclusive Feature - Default Channel Creation on a New Sign Up

We are providing an Exclusive feature: Default Channel Creation on a New Sign Up with our recently released Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin.

Multiple options for Attractive Landing Pages in Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin

A very beautiful and useful feature in our new "Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin" is that it provides you with multiple options for the Landing Page of Stores on your website.

Determining Your Directory’s Direction: Guest Author Paul Rothbein shares useful tips for Directory / Pages Plugin

This is a guest post by Paul Rothbein, founder of, a SocialEngine focused marketing and consulting firm. He is also the owner of which is currently in a redevelopment stage.