Comparison between Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps & Responsive Themes

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Progressive Web Apps are the next version of web apps which offer native app user experience. Native Apps are specifically written for a specific device type or a set of device types. Conversely, PWAs run on any device type without any differentiation as it uses web technologies. Unlike PWA and Responsive Themes, native apps can use device hardware to do complex computations and deliver a more immersive experience. Native apps are best when you want to connect with your customers and future prospects in a more personal, professional, and aggressive manner. Both native apps and the progressive web apps are the core components of a successful engaging online business. Users interact using these apps. As the technology is continually growing and progressing, the options to take a business online has increased manifolds. Apps provide custom and personalized user experience and offer big screen immersive online experience.

What is the difference between Native Apps, PWAs & Responsive Themes?

We have designed a chart for the brief differentiation between Native Apps , Progressive Web Apps & Responsive Themes for you. Have a look:

Features Native Apps PWA Plugin by SEAO Responsive Themes
Installation & Setup Single-step installation procedure Four-step installation procedure Automatically done with the installation of the theme
User Experience Best Good Good
Color Schemes Normally require experts to modify colors or may have some admin settings Own pre-built theme that can be configured Work as theme configuration
Upgrade Paid upgrades are provided mostly Upgrades are free of cost in PWA Upgrade is done easily with the theme upgrade
Layout Easily accessible layout and is visually amazing Depends upon the responsive work done in the plugins Depends upon the layout of plugin being used
Performance & Caching Available Available  Not Available
Push Notifications Yes, Push notification is a feature of native apps Yes, User will have to buy Browser Push Notifications Plugin Yes, User will have to buy Browser Push Notifications Plugin
Accessibility Very easy to access Access as per the setup done By accessing the website in browser
Messenger Integration Easy integration Easy integration Easy integration
App Store Dependent Dependency app store No dependency on app store No dependency on app store
Storage, Data and Power Higher Usage Comparatively less Comparatively higher
Current Location Location can be auto-fetched Dependency on the plugin being used Dependency on the plugin being used
Content Restriction Applied based on App stores & iOS store Not Applicable  Not Applicable 
Security Highly Secure Comparatively Less Comparatively Less
Shareability URL redirects to app store Web URL is shared Web URL is shared
Device Features Higher accessibility to the device features like Camera, GPS, Geofencing etc. Limited accessibility to the device features Very less accessibility to the device features
Additional Cost Yes, native apps cost Yes, PWA plugin cost No
Adult Site Support No Yes Yes
Deployment Have to download from respective app stores Have to add to their home screen Open in browser

What should I choose? Native Apps , PWA or Responsive Themes?

The Native vs PWA debate will remain important – but it doesn’t have to be a competition. There are use cases for both, and it depends on what you want, and need out of the technology. For instance, large social media sites are a good example of something that would do well as a PWA. Whereas, a native app allows you to deliver an always-on and truly personalized experience to users. It’s the only solution that gives site owners a completely new channel with push notifications, available on both iOS and Android.

In order to increase the user engagement on your SocialEngine based website, all of these abstracts have their own significance. We recommend you to opt for all three options. Use the best Responsive Theme for the astonishing visuals of your website. Serve your community members with an amazing option of progressive web appsNative apps are a the best option for the users to take complete advantage of the features provided in an app extensively. They are faster in execution, which ultimately results in better user experience.

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