Multilingual Mobile Apps for SocialEngine based Communities

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Localization is a key aspect today for success of mobile & web applications, as there is a large potential user-base of non-English-speaking population. The No. 2 and No. 3 countries for iOS App Store revenue: China and Japan, are both non-English-speaking countries.


Multilingual apps can do wonders when it comes to attracting new potential users towards your community and business. Having the ability to communicate with users in their native language helps showcasing your app to millions of users across the world, and is one of the important key factors in the growth of an online community. Multilingual community yields the results not only in the Financial growth but also in cost effective marketing and creating awareness of your app across the globe.


A very important feature of SocialEngine, that makes it a popular social networking and community building platform, is its multilingual support. Websites created with SocialEngine can have multiple languages enabled on them.

Our iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine also support multiple languages. Numerous of our clients are running multi-lingual mobile apps for their communities with these products.


Language Packs & Translating Phrases


Creating new language packs and translating phrases to have multi-lingual Mobile Apps is as easy as it is in a full-site. A new, recently implemented “Language Assets” feature in the administration of iOS and Android apps is very easy to use:


• The language packs that exist on a website will be listed in the respective sections of administration of iOS and Android apps, from where site admin can translate language phrases.


• If any existing phrases of the language are missing then a red tip highlighting a message for the missing translations will be displayed.



• When any new phrases will be added in the language files of iOS or Android apps in future releases then a red tip will be displayed, highlighting that few phrases are missing and need to translated.


• Once the site admin adds / modifies any phrases in the Language assets of iOS or Android apps, or adds a new language for the app, then for those changes to reflect in the app, a new app upgrade request will need to be sent.


Easy Language Selection


iOS App: The app automatically detects the default language set in the iPhone / iOS device, and the language preference in the app is given to this language. The app’s language will be changed when the device language gets changed.


Android App: When more than one language pack exists in the app, then a menu-item to change the app’s language gets displayed in the App Dashboard, clicking on which a user can change the app’s language. The default language of the app that is set from the Admin panel will be the default language of the app, and this can be changed anytime from the app’s dashboard by a user of the app:





So, this is how you can easily get multilingual iOS and Android apps for your SocialEngine based online community.


If you’ve still not got apps for your community, then you’re missing a lot of user engagement opportunity. Go get your community app’ified from here:


Feel free to contact us in case of any queries. We will be glad to assist!