Want to have more information on SocialEngine Unite Beta? Here is an update!

Friday February 22, 2019   |   News & Updates , FAQs   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngine has recently launched SocialEngine Unite Beta as a SaaS product and this has been developed by merging SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud, and this is for cloud users only. This has been developed by taking full advantage of the latest technology React.js and Node.js which empowers many great features for users of SE Cloud version. If you want to know more about SocialEngine Unite Beta release, Click here to refer SocialEngine’s official blog post.

Since this release is for SocialEngine Cloud only and being a SocialEngine PHP user, you might have some doubts or queries which we have tried to cover in below given points:

  • If I am using SocialEngine PHP then do I need to do anything for my website?
    No, you do not need to do anything for your SocialEngine PHP based website as SocialEngine Unite is a SaaS Cloud hosted version and this is meant for SocialEngine Cloud only. So, SE Unite has no impact on your SE PHP based website as of now.
  • Will my SocialEngine PHP website stop working after SE Unite is launched as a stable and self-hosted version?
    No, your SocialEngine PHP website will not stop working at all. When SocialEngine Unite is launched as a self-hosted and downloadable version, then you will have a choice whether you want to upgrade your site to SE Unite or if you want to keep running it on SE PHP.
  • Do I need to upgrade my SocialEngine PHP website to SocialEngine Unite?
    No, you do not need to do anything for your SocialEngine PHP based website as of now. But after SocialEngine Unite is launched as a stable, self-hosted and downloadable version, then you will have a choice between SE PHP and SE Unite. You may migrate your SE PHP website to SE Unite platform or you may keep running your website on SE PHP. SocialEngine will also provide a free importer to move a website from SE PHP to SE Unite.
  • Will SocialEngineAddOns continue working on SE PHP?
    Yes, SocialEngineAddOns will continue working for SocialEngine PHP and keep providing you the best services from our end.
  • What are your plans for the future after the release of SE Unite? Are there any plans to upgrade your plugins to make them compatible with SocialEngine Unite?
    Yes, once SocialEngine Unite self-hosted & stable version will be released by SocialEngine, we’ll proceed to make our plugins compatible with that and also develop new plugins and theme for SE Unite. We have already a very vast experienced development team on these technologies i.e React.js, Node.js etc. who can always give you an extra edge in our plugins / themes / other services.
  • I need more information on this, how can I get it?
    If you need any other information or have any other queries / doubts, please feel free to contact us. Also, we will keep updating you about our way forward path on SE Unite related development and releases.