Tips: How to know Latest Available Versions of Plugins, New Releases, and more

Friday December 2, 2011   |   FAQs   |   Leave a Comment

Many Clients have contacted us inquiring about latest available versions of plugins, new releases, etc. All this information is easily and intuitively available to you right in the Admin Panel of your website itself. If you have any of our SocialEngine plugins installed, visit the "SocialEngineAddOns" tab in the "Plugins" dropdown of the Admin Panel of your site:

Plugin Upgrades Tab:
This tab informs you about the versions of SocialEngineAddOns plugins installed on your site and their latest available versions at It also tells you whether or not you need to upgrade the respective plugin on your website.

Plugins Information Tab:
This tab shows you information about various high quality SocialEngineAddOns plugins. It contains briefs about the plugins, screenshots, links to their main page, demo, etc. You can also filter the plugins to view the ones that are installed on your site and those that are not installed. For those that are installed, you can see what is their latest version available on and go to their download page if your site has an older version. Here, you can explore to see which new plugin you might want to enhance the functionality of your website.

News Tab:
This tab contains a feed from our blog and shows news about latest developments at SocialEngineAddOns, like enhancements in existing plugins, plugin upgrades and new releases.

Announcements of major plugin upgrades and releases are also posted on our blog here, as well as on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.