Social Connect & Profile Sync Extension - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Social Connect and Profile Sync Extension allows users of your site to connect to multiple social sites even after they have already done sign-up on your site and after being connected to other social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc, the users can login to your SocialEngine based website via any of their existing social IDs on those social sites. So, they will be able to login to your site via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. using their login credentials for respective social site. This plugin also allows users profiles on your SocialEngine site to be synced with their existing profiles on other social sites. Profile information can be fetched from other social sites in the form of some parameters and you can map those parameters to the profile fields of your site. So, now a user of your site can sync his profile information with his existing profiles on other social sites.

Price: $59
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Plugin + Installation
Price: $59