Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin

Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin is a management tool that comes with a lot of powerful features and has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to create engaging courses and offer wonderful learning experiences to your users. You can add multimedia lessons including video, text, and documents to make your courses more appealing.

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Price: $129

Learn & Grow as a Professional

Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin is a powerful online course builder that provides you with all the tools you need to build highly interactive online courses. It gives you the flexibility to create full-fledged courses with unlimited topics each packed with lessons. To boost user engagement, it comes with powerful features like multimedia lessons, course intro videos, certificates upon course completion, and a Paypal payment gateway integrated for the users to purchase the courses.

Key Features

Unlimited Courses

Users are allowed to create multiple courses with categories and difficulty levels. Admin has the ability to allow the number of courses to be created by users of different member levels.

Unlimited Topics & Lessons

Course owners can create multiple topics and lessons in each course with different multimedia support. They need to add at least one topic and a lesson before publishing the course.

Multimedia lessons

Lessons can be added with PDFs format, video, text-based lessons to allow your users to get a brief description and proper explanation of the topics.

Intro Videos

Introductory videos are required on the courses before publishing, it acts as a powerful feature of the plugin which can help to catch the user's attention to the courses and help them to enroll them.

Course Announcements

The course owner has the ability to post the announcements for the courses to let their users to the latest updates. Announcements added will appear on the course view page.

Issue Certificates

On completion of all the topics and lessons of the courses, certificates are issued to the users.

Payment Gateway

This feature allows users to enroll in the courses through the Paypal payment gateway which is widely used across the world.

Report Courses

This feature provides the ability to the enrolled members to report any abusive activity or any irrelevant content on the courses while stating the reason for it.

Integration with our Plugins

This Plugin is integrated with Advanced Activity Feeds Plugin & Advanced Search Plugin and allows users to create courses from the Post Something box.

Astounding Aspects

This slideshow displays all the astounding aspects in this plugin.


Why Do We Need this Plugin?


This Plugin is very helpful for gaining & providing knowledge to the users by building multiple categories of courses with interactive, dynamic & exciting content which includes PDFs, Videos & text-based courses.


Course owners can create unlimited courses and unlimited topics & lessons to the courses, which users can purchase resulting in generating revenues to the course owners.


Users enrolled in the courses can track their progress as per the lecture.


Certificates are issued to the users enrolled in the courses on the completion of all the topics and the lessons covered in those lectures.


Widely Used payment gateway method, i.e; Paypal is integrated on the Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin for smooth enrollment of the users to the courses.


Course Approval is required from the admin before publishing the courses for certain member level users, which makes the plugin more reliable and keep it safe from any kind of Abusive or Irrelevant content.

Working of the Plugin

Create a Course

Users can create the courses by adding the title, URLs of the course, categories, difficulty level, duration and price of the courses.

Browse Courses

This page allow users to access the list of courses, he can search the course as per his requirement and then get enrolled to it.

My Courses

All the courses created whether published or in draft mode & the courses are visible on the My Courses Page.Owners can edit or delete them as per the requirement.

Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard allows owners to edit their courses, add unlimited topics and lessons of different multimedia types, post related announcements, add course profile photo & signatures, view the list of enrolled users with their transaction details.

Course Profile

This page shows all the information about the course and allows users to purchase, add reviews & ratings on the courses. Users can get enrolled in that course by processing the payment.

Course Learning Page

This page allows users to get a brief overview & the benefits of that course. Users can view the topics and lessons of lectures, and download them. After the completion of the lectures, certificate would be issued for the users.

Course Certificates

Certificates are Issued to the users on completion of all the topics and lessons of the courses from the Course Learning Page.


We have various Widgets for our Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin and all these widgets are configurable.

Course Carousel

Course Full-width Slider

Best Seller Courses

Top-Rated Courses

Newest Courses

My Purchased Courses

Course Review

Browse Courses

Popular Courses Tags

Course Profile: Promotional Video

Course Profile: Curriculum

Course Profile: Instructor

Course Profile: Announcements

Course Profile: Benefits

Course Requirements

Admin Panel

Global Settings

This setting allows users to enable announcements, allow them to report courses, add tags of the courses, and can set the threshold values for Newest, Best-Seller & Most Rated courses.

Member Level Settings

This setting provides you the ability to allow users to view, create, delete and mark approved courses & reviews and can also define the maximum limit to create courses and get enrolled in a particular course.


This setting allows the admin to create Categories and Sub Categories up to two levels. It also provides the option to edit and delete the Categories.

Manage Courses

This setting allows the admin to view all the published courses. Admin can monitor the courses and get the detailed information of each course, total enrollment count of the courses and can also disable the enrollments of the courses.

Manage Reviews

This setting allows the admin to manage the reviews & ratings given to the courses by other users. Admin can view, delete and approve / disapprove the reviews.


This setting allows the admin to view the transactions of all the enrollments done by the users for the courses.


This page lists all the reports submitted by the users with the reason for reporting the courses. Admin can view the reported courses, dismiss the reports if found inappropriate and can also take action to disapprove, delete or disable the future enrollments of the courses.


This setting allows the admin to manage the certificates issued to members after the completion of the courses. Admin can set the global format of the certificate and can add the company logo and background to it.