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If you are a business person, then you must know the importance of maintaining contact with your customers and there is no doubt that newsletters are a very good means of maintaining that communication. So, our Newsletter / Marketing Plugin allows you to send newsletters to your users, clients and customers and maintain a healthy relationship with them for betterment of your business. Having a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your company.

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Newsletters are a very good means of maintaining communication with your clients and customers which helps retaining existing clients which is crucial for running your business successfully. Let us think that whenever we visit a site, we just have a look over that for a few seconds and if anything on the site capture our eyes in those few seconds, then it’s good or otherwise that site is lost forever for us. So, those few seconds are actually very few to attract new users towards important aspects of our site, but what if we can tell the new users about those aspects via email. Email in this sense would be a passive form of communication where users are not coming to us and looking for their interests, but we are going to them and showing them the aspects which can be useful and important for them. This is what is offered by our Newsletter Plugin. It allows you to send newsletters to your site users and guest users who will subscribe for it.

Highlights of the Plugin

  • Easy and Flexible Setup

    It is very easy to set up this plugin for sending newsletters from your site. Various settings are provided for easy handling of newsletters.

  • Mass Mailing / No Limitation

    You can send as many newsletters as you like, to as many recipients as you want. There will be a never ever limit on your traffic: server is yours, yours is the choice.

  • Target Specific Users

    Newsletters can be sent out to different types of subscribers based on Member levels, Profile Types, Networks. Newsletters can also be sent to specific members, guest users of your site who have subscribed to newsletters of your site.

  • Newsletter Segregations

    Newsletters types can be created, so that it allows subscribers to subscribe for only those types of newsletters which are useful for them. Sending only those newsletters to users which can actually be useful for them avoid chances of users ignoring the newsletters or sending them to spam.

  • Email Campaigns

    Newsletter campaigns can be created which can be targeted for different subscribers based on Member levels, Profile Types, Networks, specific users and guest users. Mass audience can be targeted in one go with the use of campaigns.

  • Scheduled Campaigns

    Scheduled Campaigns can be created. You just need to specify the time by when the campaign should start. If needed, you can change the scheduled time of a campaign or can stop / disable the campaign.

  • Fully Customized Layout

    The plugin provides various settings and widgets for specifying the overall layout of newsletters. You can also create a layout design using raw HTML if you have some HTML knowledge or otherwise, you can use the built-in settings to create the layout, you can set header, footer and body layout of a newsletter. Amazing layouts can be created for newsletters of your site by adding colourful backgrounds and background image can also be added.

  • Header / Footer Menu

    You can add header and footer to your site newsletters where you can add links to main pages of your site. You can show/hide header and footer in different types of newsletters based on your need.

  • Status of an Active Campaign

    You can see the current status of an active campaign that whether it has been completed or not and can also check the number of users till current time to whom the newsletters have been sent out.

  • Statistics of Campaigns

    You can check the statistics of newsletters campaigns of your site in graphical form. You can see the number of users who have received the newsletter, who have seen your newsletter and who have visited the link mentioned in the newsletter.

  • Test Mode Available for Checking

    Before sending out the actual newsletters, you can check if all set up is working fine by sending newsletters to test emails. You can enable test mode while doing testing, so that no option is available to users for subscribing to newsletters at the front end of the site.

  • Subscriber’s Verification

    Admin can choose whether he want subscribers of newsletters to verify by email if they actually want to subscribe to newsletters or not. In this way, subscriber s verification is done for sending newsletters and their email ids are also verified.

  • Powerful Tracking

    You can track / control your newsletters with a complete set of statistical data. i.e email opens, total emails sent successfully, etc. to define / plan your newsletter target audience better. A go to action kind of a link can also be provided in the newsletters and it can be easily tracked that how many users actually visited that link.

  • Dynamic Content and Widgets

    Dynamic, random and popular content of your site such as a recent popular event or an album etc. can also be shown in the newsletters as thumbnails with the help of a widget provided.

  • SMTP Support

    In order to increase the number of newsletters going to the inbox and reduce their chances of going to spam, emailing can be done using any quality SMTP server. Sending of newsletters via SMTP ensures reliable and fast delivery of newsletters, especially when newsletters are sent in bulk.

Benefits of the Plugin

  • Periodic Updates

    Newsletters can be used to send periodic updates to users regarding your site and its new offerings. People should get a good idea of what your site is about and what new things you are going to offer them, this would help you to keep your users in touch.

  • Marketing Tool

    Newsletters are undoubtedly a great tool of marketing. With the use of email newsletters, you can give people a good idea of how it would be to deal with you, or to buy your products & services, so that when they leave, they will feel compelled to find out more.

  • To add value to your services

    A newsletter can provide an added benefit for clients. Give clients “subscriptions” or added value to current services or discounts on products. Put a price tag on the newsletter but send it free to current clients.

  • Site Promotion

    Newsletters can be sent to subscribers to advertise regarding your site features. Newsletters, thus proves to be a tool for site promotion.

  • Maintaining Current Clients and gaining more business from them

    A newsletter is an effective way to maintain healthy relationship with your current clients and let them know about your other services and show them how they can benefit from those services, without being to “pushy".

  • Gaining repeat business from former clients

    People who used your services or bought your products once will purchase again–when they’re ready. A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with them until they are.

Powerful Administration

  1. Global Settings: Admin can decide whether to enable/disable Test Mode for newsletters. He can add test email IDs and can choose whether to enable/disable email verification for subscription to newsletters.
  2. Member Level Settings: Admin can decide for which member levels he wants to allow newsletters subscription and for which he wants to not allow newsletters subscription.
  3. Newsletter Types: Various categories can be created for newsletters, so that members can be able to subscribe to newsletters of their interests only.
  4. Subscribers: Admin can manage subscribers from here. He can add, remove and edit subscribers list.
  5. Template Layout: Complete layout of newsletters is customizable and can be created from this section.
  6. Campaigns:Campaigns allow to send mass newsletters in one go. Admin can create new campaigns and can manage all the active and scheduled campaigns from this section. Completed campaigns can also be seen and resent.
  7. Statistics: You can have a graphical view of all the published campaigns from where you can get the number of users who received a newsletter, the number of users who viewed the newsletter and the number of users who clicked on the referral link provided in the newsletter and referred to your site page from there.
  8. FAQs: You can have a look at the FAQs provided to know answers to some general queries regarding functioning of the plugin.

Available widgets

  • Subscribe to Newsletter

    This widget can be placed anywhere on the site where you want to show users the option to subscribe to newsletters. By default, the widget is placed in footer of the site.

  • Content

    This widget displays newsletter body. So, whatever you write in the "Add Campaign Body" field when creating a newsletter campaign will be displayed by this widget.

  • Random / Popular Items

    This widget can be used to display random or popular dynamic content of your site in the newsletters. Content can be filtered based on which module the content belongs to, duration of content popularity, mixed content etc. You can place this widget multiple times on a page with different popularity criterion chosen for each placement.

  • Track Link / Go to Action Button

    Using this widget, a link can be provided in the newsletter which you want to be visited by the target users. This link can work as a go to action button using which you can take attention of your users towards some specific webpage of your site or any other site. You can then track from Statistics section how many users have actually visited that link.

  • Template Header

    This widget displays header of a newsletter.

  • Template Footer

    This widget displays footer of a newsletter.

What will my plugin download contain?
The plugin download will be a zipped file, which upon extraction will give the plugin package tar file, the license file, and the installation instructions file.
Is this easy to install?
Yes, absolutely! This plugin will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one click Package installation feature.
Does this plugin requires any changes in source code of SocialEngine PHP?
No, this plugin does not require any changes in source code of SocialEngine PHP.
Is there any specific requirement for successful working of this plugin?
If you need to send newsletters in bulk from your site, so, we recommend you use SMTP server option in the "Admin" > "Mails setings" section for sending emails from your site. SMTP ensures reliable email delivery.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.
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