Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin

The look and design of a website is the very first thing that we get attracted towards. While surfing internet, if we get around a website having very beautiful and elegant design, then surely we’ll have a look into that website, no matter whether the content of the website is of our use or not, but certainly we’ll have an initial look into that. So, considering the importance of beauty, we’ve designed the Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin to make your SocialEngine community an attractive one.

You can create beautiful and elegant slideshows using this plugin with multiple banners within a single slideshow and each banner can be a combination of text, background image, front image, coloured background and CTA (Call to Action) buttons. All these mixed types of content shown within a single banner make it look even more beautiful and attractive.

Price: $39
 + $10
Plugin + Installation
Price: $39
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