Ultimate Polls Plugin

Ultimate Polls Plugin helps to increase member’s engagement in your social network. Users can create a poll on the website and vote on other polls by selecting any poll options. This plugin provides you with the ability to create three types of polls i.e; Text Polls, Photo Polls and Photo with Text Polls. This plugin helps to provide an impressive UI and also gives the feasibility to users to change their vote.

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Price: $59

Ultimate Polls Plugin

Ultimate Polls Plugin allows you to get the opinion from your site members on different topics and can also conduct a survey to get feedback that will help you improve your website. Users can create a poll by filling a simple create form and add the multiple poll options to it. Users present on the site can vote on the polls of other users and can also change their submitted vote.

Key Features

Unlimited Polls

Users are allowed to post unlimited polls on the site. Admin can also set a limit to restrict the users based on the Member Level if required.

Photos Upload for Poll Options

This feature allow users to upload photos with or without text on the poll options based on the type of the poll which makes your poll attractive.

Schedule Polls

Poll owners can set the duration when creating the polls by when their polls will be closed after the admin approval.

Voting on Polls

Members present on the site can vote on the desired polls created by other members and can also change their vote from one poll option to another.

Voters list for Polls

Poll owners can view the list of all the voters of his poll that shows a voter votes on particular poll option.

Multiple Poll Options

Members can create multiple polls based on their member levels and can also add multiple poll options to each of the polls.

Polls Migration

Polls which are already present on the site can be migrated to the Ultimate Polls plugin with all the corresponding data through Migrations.

Report Polls

Users have the ability to report any Poll if they found them inappropriate and out of the context on your website.

Integration with our Plugin

This Plugin is integrated with Advanced Activity Feeds Plugin and allows users to vote on the polls from the Activity feeds as well.

Amazing Attributes

This section displays all the attributes in this Plugin


We have various Widgets for our Ultimate Polls Plugin and all these widgets are configurable

Browse Polls

User’s Poll Widget

Popular Polls

Recent Polls

Trending Polls

Poll Duration

Poll Profile Breadcrumb

Member Profile Polls

Admin Panel

Global Settings

This setting will allow users to change their votes on the polls and also to report the polls which are inappropriate. Users can also set the maximum reminder and the duration to send the request to approve the polls.

Member Level Settings

This setting provides you the ability to view, create, edit, delete and allow members to vote on the polls, type of polls to be created and also define the maximum limit for creating the Polls in the set duration.


All categories can be managed from this setting. Admin can create new categories, edit and delete them.

Manage Polls

This setting allows the admin to monitor all the information of the Polls like title, creation date, total no. of voters/participants and also shows the result of the closed polls and let the admin approve/disapprove the polls.

Abuse Reports

This setting will display the reported Polls by users. Admin can view reported Polls, dismiss reports, or take action on them.


This setting depicts the stats of all the polls on the site created, which shows the total number of the polls, total approved/disapproved polls, total number of each type of the polls, etc.


It allows the admin to migrate all the polls created on the site to Ultimate Polls and also all the data corresponding to a poll.