Deeplinking / Universal Linking in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine
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Deep Linking allows the link to Go Deeper to a specific content page in the Mobile App, instead of Mobile Browser. Deep Linking works in a number of ways - like SMS, Email, Social Media etc. and clicking on the links directs the user to the required content as opposed to Mobile Browser. Deep Linking will not only increase user experience but it will increase App Installs also.

Price: $149

Few of the Benefits Deep Linking Feature offers:

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1. How do we get started with Deep Linking in Mobile Apps?
You will need to get your apps upgraded with Deep Linking Feature. Contact our Support Team by filing a Support Ticket.
2. Does this include redirection to different Pages of the Apps?
Yes, along with the links to Main Feed of the App, this will let you reach to specific menu or pages of the App.
3. What will happen if the App is not installed in the Device?
If the App of your Community is not installed in the Device, links will be redirected to the website in the Browser.
4. Which type of Links this feature will work?
This will work for all the important and needed links related to your Community.
5. Does this feature work for PWA Plugin?

Yes, if PWA Plugin is installed then this feature will work well with it:

  • If App is not installed: The sequence of redirection will be Link > PWA Plugin
  • If Mobile App and PWA Plugin both are not installed: The sequence of redirection will be Link > Responsive View in Browser