Web User Stories Plugin

Web User Stories Plugin provides you with a free, open-web, visual storytelling format for the web, and enables users to easily create visual narratives with engaging animations. It also provides good user experience resulting increase in user engagement on website.

Price: $99
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Plugin + Installation
Price: $99

Make your website More Engaging & Attractive

Using Stories feature on website has become a popular trend in recent times, as it helps in increasing the user engagement on your website by allowing users to upload and view stories etc. The added stories will be displayed at the top of member homepage and will help in easily capturing attention of other users.

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Astounding Aspects

This slideshow displays all the astounding aspects in this plugin.

Key Features


Unlimited Stories

User can post unlimited text / photo / video stories on the website, adding one story at a time.


Photo Story

High Quality Photos can be uploaded via local system with various extensions and Captions for the Stories


Video Story

Video stories can be uploaded by web with a function to play or pause the Videos


Text Story

Text Stories are added with multiple Backgrounds provided to make Stories more attractive for the Users



While viewing the Stories, user can pause or play them, It provides them the feature to increase the view time of the Stories.


Delete Story

Stories are automatically deleted after the stories expire time selected by admin but users have the option to delete before that time as well.


Story Privacy

Story Privacy can be set during creation. Options provided for privacy are Everyone, Friends, Custom.


Mute Users

Users can mute their other users and choose if they don't want to see their future stories. Muting the user will only mute their stories, not the posts/feeds.


Report Stories

If users find any story offensive, they can report them and add reason for it. Admin can take appropriate action for the reported story.


Post Stories as Feeds

While posting a new story, user can choose if he wants to make that story visible in feed or not.


Reply & Reactions

Users can reply and react with different emoticons to stories and reply will be sent via normal message top other users.

Admin Panel

Global Settings

Admin can Enable / Disable the stories feature and can also decide the number of days in which story could be expired.

Manage Stories

This setting allows the admin to monitor all the stories, enable/ disable them. Search filters are also present on this page.

Abuse Reports

This setting will displays the reported stories by users. Admin can view reported stories, dismiss reports, or take action on them.

Can we decide the Stories View Privacy?
Yes, Users can make their stories private by allowing only friends and can also limit the friends to view their stories from the options provided in the Settings.
Can we add Multiple Stories at a time?
No, you have to add the Stories one by one only.
Is this Plugin Compatible with the Apps?
Yes, users can manage their Stories by adding, edit/delete from the Apps as well.
Can Users Post or show his Stories to the Activity feeds?
Yes, there is an option on the Stories creation page where a Users can select to Post his Stories as feeds as well.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.