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Advanced Calendar Plugin can be used for displaying upcoming conferences, meetings, events etc on your website. It allows you to add details, location and provide an easy way to showcase your schedules in an easy-to-understand manner and also loaded with features like claim calendar, import / export calendar, add multiple owners, etc.

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Price: $59

Our Calendar Plugin present upcoming events and important dates in a calendar view that makes them stand out, and decreases the chances that your visitors will miss them. With the Advanced Calendar Plugin, you can create and display attractive schedules for your meetings, conferences, etc.

Key Features

  • Easy Calendar Creation

    This plugin provides you with an easy calendar creation process. The user just need to add calendar title and members.

  • Unlimited Schedules

    Users can create unlimited schedules for calendars by adding the title, start & end date, time, location & description for it.

  • Import Calendars

    Users can import the schedules of other calendars present on the website and also the schedules of Google, Outlook to their calendars.

  • Export Calendars

    Users can export the calendars created from the site and then import them to third-party calendars, for example, Google, Outlook.

  • Claim Calendars

    Added members in the calendar can claim the calendar and become the owner of the calendar after getting the approval of calendar owner.

  • Multiple Owners

    Calendar Owners can add multiple owners for calendars, they will have the same access to calendars except for removing the calendar owner.

  • Adding Groups

    Users can create groups of unlimited existing or non-existing members on their website, and these groups can be added directly to the calendar.

  • Integration with Our Plugins

    This plugin is integrated with Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension & Services Booking & Appointments Plugin.

  • Compatible with Mobile Apps

    Our calendar plugin is compatible with our Android and iOS Apps providing an extra edge to keep you updated about important meetings & events everywhere.

  • Responsive & Supports RTL

    Our Calendar plugin is fully responsive, it does not matter which device is being used to access the website, it will always look fine. The plugin fully supports the RTL format.

Astounding Aspects in this Plugin

  • Calendar Creation

    Users can create a calendar by adding its' title. Other optional fields are also available for adding members, non-existing members, background color.

  • Schedule Creation

    Users can create schedules for different calendars by adding a title, start date, end date, location. Details can also be added for every schedule.

  • Browse Calendars

    Users can browse all the schedules day-wise, month-wise, week-wise on this page. After clicking on the schedule, schedules can be edited, deleted, or moved to different calendars.

  • Calendar Profile

    Calendar Creator can add calendar owners, perform edit, delete, view, and import schedules on this page. Also, a list of Calendar Owner and Calendar Members is present on this page.

  • Manage Calendars

    It provides you with two submenus 'My Calendars' & 'My Schedules'. On My Calendars, a list of calendars is visible. You can edit, delete and export the schedules from this page. On 'My Schedule Page', all schedules created by you will be visible in calendar form.

  • Groups View Page

    A list of members, group profile picture, option to add members is present on this page.

  • Integration with Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension

    This plugin provides integration with the Ticket Booking feature. When any user books ticket, a calendar “Event” is automatically created with the schedule of the event booked.

  • Integration with Services Booking & Appointments Plugin

    This plugin provided integration with the service booking feature as well. When any user books a service, a calendar “My Bookings” is automatically created with the schedule of the service booked. A calendar “Services Provided” is automatically created with the schedule of bookings at the provider’s end.

Admin Panel

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Our Calendar Plugin is quite simple & easy to use for the admin and as well as for the users. You can understand about the permission access for the calendar users:

S. No. Features Calendar Creator Calendar Owner Calendar Member
1. Create Schedule
2. Edit Schedule
3. Delete Schedule
5. Import / Export Calendar
6. Edit Calendar
7. Delete Calendar
8. Claim Calendar
9. Add Multiple Owners
10. Move Schedules
11. Remove Calendar Owners
Is this plugin compatible with Apps?
Yes, this plugin is compatible with iOS & Android Apps. You can check the feature in our live Android & iOS Apps.
Is this plugin can be integrated with Other Plugins?
How does this plugin work with Services Booking & Appointments Plugin?
When any user books service, a calendar “My Bookings” is automatically created with the schedule of the service booked. A calendar “Services Provided” is automatically created with the schedule of bookings at the provider’s end.
When any user books ticket using Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension, it automatically creates a calendar "My Events" for the user. Its schedule name will refer to the Event for which the ticket has been booked.
The CSS of this plugin is not coming on my site. What should I do ?
Please enable the 'Development Mode' system mode for your site from the Admin homepage and then check the page which was not coming fine. It should now seem fine. Now you can again change the system mode to 'Production Mode'.
I want to customize this plugin according to the offerings and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your customization requirements.