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All Plugins + Mobile Apps Package

This package contains almost all the plugins and themes including Mobile Apps from and will enable you to set up your SocialEngine website just like our Main Demo. This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.

Actual Cost

This package contains almost all our plugins, thus enabling you to have thriving online community and social website. With this package, your website can be quickly setup like our Main Demo ( This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.


This package includes the following:-

  • We are offering you a discount of $3670, where the total cost of included Plugins, Services and Subscriptions is: $6069. You are thus being charged only $2399 for this amazing package.
  • This package contains almost all our plugins for SocialEngine (see the "Plugins Included" tab for the complete list).
  • This Package comprises of: "iOS Mobile Application - iPhone and iPad", "Android Mobile Application" and "SocialEngine REST API Plugin", which enable you to have your own Mobile Apps & increases users engagement in your Online Community. This comes along with uninterrupted 6 months support by paying just one-time payment
  • Doing a fresh installation of SocialEngine?
    This package enables you to get your online community up and sailing quickly. You can choose to have your website set up by us to be same like our demo website:, with similar configuration settings and even sample data. You will thus have a good looking and nicely configured website from the begininng, and you will be able to tweak the settings to meet your requirements. (Note: This service will be done only if you are doing a fresh installation / setup of SocialEngine on your server.)
  • We will provide helpful suggestions to make your website's speed fast.
  • Assistance in configuring various third party applications like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Scribd for integration with the website.
  • Assistance in Google Analytics setup.
  • Assistance in MaxCDN setup.
  • Solving issues related to language translation that might come.
  • Assistance in setting up Google Apps for your domain for handling your domain's emails.
[NOTE: This Package does not include the price for the SocialEngine License Key, and it needs to be purchased separately.]

This section displays the actual price of all included plugins, services & subscriptions, and calculation of the discount offered to enable you to better visualize your tremendous savings with this package:

Plugin Name Cost
Mobile Apps - iOS and Android - One-time payment with 6 months support $1397.00
Versatile - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme $69.00
Newsletter / Marketing Plugin $89.00
FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin $49.00
Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin $39.00
Sticky / Fix Page Columns Widget $19.00
Advertisements, Community Ads & Marketing Campaigns Plugin $149.00
Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin $29.00
GDPR Compliance Plugin $79.00
Credits / Reward Points Plugin $99.00
One Time Password (OTP) Plugin $59.00
Members Verification Plugin $49.00
Page Cache Plugin - Speed up your Website $59.00
Ultimate SEO / Sitemaps Plugin $39.00
Website Walk-through Plugin: $39.00
Minify Plugin - Speed up your Website $39.00
Social Login and Sign-up Plugin $39.00
Advanced Share Plugin $29.00
Language Translator / Multilingual Plugin $29.00
Email Templates Plugin $29.00
GIF Player Plugin $29.00
Quick & Single Step Signup Plugin $39.00
Social Meta Tags and Open Graph $19.00
Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin $19.00
FB Messenger - Customer Service Live Chat $49.00
Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin $39.00
Mobile / Tablet Plugin - Progressive Web Apps $119.00
Lazy Loading Images Plugin $59.00
Advanced Music Plugin $59.00
Bot Actions Plugin $69.00
Export User Information Plugin $19.00
Dummy Users Creator / Importer $69.00
Advanced Events Plugin $79.00
Advanced Events - Recurring / Repeating Events Extension $49.00
Advanced Events - Inviter and Promotion Extension $29.00
Advanced Events - Event Reminders Extension $19.00
Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension $69.00
Advanced Events - Contact Event Owners Extension $0.00
Directory / Pages Plugin $99.00
Directory / Pages - Page Members Extension $29.00
Directory / Pages - Multiple Listings and Products Showcase Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Short Page URL Extension $0.00
Directory / Pages - Contact Page Owners Extension $0.00
Directory / Pages - Music Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Videos Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Notes Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Inviter and Promotion Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Offers Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Form Extension $29.00
Directory / Pages - Events Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Badges Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Polls Extension $19.00
Directory / Pages - Discussions Extension $0.00
Groups / Communities Plugin $149.00
Groups / Communities - Contact Group Owners Extension $0.00
Groups / Communities - Short Group URL Extension $0.00
Groups / Communities - Discussions Extension $0.00
Groups / Communities - Multiple Listings and Products Showcase Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Events Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Notes Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Reviews and Ratings Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Videos Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Polls Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Badges Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Offers Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Form Extension $29.00
Groups / Communities - Music Extension $19.00
Groups / Communities - Inviter and Promotion Extension $19.00
Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin $59.00
Advanced Videos - Pages, Businesses, Groups, Multiple Listing Types, Events, Stores, etc Extension $49.00
Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlists, etc All In One $159.00
Multiple Listing Types - Paid Listings Extension $40.00
Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin $199.00
Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin $69.00
Advanced Photo Albums Plugin $49.00
Advanced Menus Plugin - Interactive and Attractive Navigation $59.00
Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location $39.00
Advanced Search Plugin $59.00
Advanced Member Subscriptions Plugin - Configure Plans, Layout and Mapping with Profile Types / Member Levels $79.00
Multi Currency / Currency Switcher Plugin $59.00
Documents Sharing Plugin - Google Docs Viewer $79.00
Suggestions / Recommendations / People you may know & Inviter $89.00
Advanced Facebook Integration / Likes, Social Plugins and Open Graph $59.00
Facebook News Feed, Friends, Invite and more $40.00
User Identity Verification / KYC Plugin $39.00
Professional Contests Plugin $79.00
Services Booking & Appointments Plugin $99.00
Feedbacks Plugin $35.00
Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin $29.00
User Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin $29.00
Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments $39.00
Advanced Forums Plugin $59.00
Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin $29.00
Website Backup and Restore Plugin – AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc. $79.00
Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin $39.00
News / RSS Importer and Aggregator Plugin $89.00
FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin $49.00
User Connections Plugin $39.00
Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin - 404, Login Required, Exceptions, Maintenance, Coming Soon, etc $39.00
Discount Coupons Plugin $29.00
Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin $19.00
Profile Types and Member Levels Mapping Plugin $0.00
Likes Plugin and Widgets $0.00
Birthdays Plugin - Listing, Wishes, Reminder Emails and Widgets $0.00
Poke Plugin $0.00
SocialEngine Installation and Upgrade $30.00 Bulk Plugin Installation and Upgrade $30.00
Actual Cost: $6069

Great Discount of: $3670

Cost After Discount: $2399

Plugins and extensions available with this package are mentioned below:

I have a discount coupon code. Will I be able to avail its discount during the checkout process of this package?
This package already offers a great discount. So, no other discount coupons will be applicable during the checkout process of this package.
I do not want some of the plugins included in this package (like: You may not want "Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin" is your idea does not have any ecommerce features). Is it possible for you to reduce some amount from this package's cost?
Yes, in this case, please contact us by writing name(s) of the plugin(s) that you do not want to be included in your package. Our team will get back to you with the revised cost.
I am having some doubts regarding the cost estimates and the offers given by you for this package. Is there any way to contact you via a Skype call or a phone call?
Please contact us by sending us your Skype Id. Our team will reply to you soon with resolutions of all your queries.
Is the installation of products included in this package easy?
Yes absolutely! The installation of all the products included in this package is easy. But, if you want us to install the products included in this package on your site, then after the completion of your payment, and configuration of your license(s) for your plugin(s) from your Client Area, please initiate a Support Ticket from your Client Area and send us the following information of your site for the installation of the products included in this package:
1) Your SocialEngine License key
2) FTP information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):
- Host
- Username
- Password
3) Database information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):
- Host
- Username
- Password
4) Your site URL pointing to your server location.
5) Other desired site information:
- Community Title
- Admin Email
- Admin Password
This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 hours.
I want to customize this package according to the offerings, idea and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your requirements.
Actual Cost