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Social Media Package

Build a website full of entertainment for your community members. They will have a platform to enjoy and showcase their talent in the field of videos, music, photography, blog writing etc.

Launch a complete media oriented platform with our ‘Social Media Package’. This package not only provides platform for entertainment but also a simple and quick way of revenue collection. This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.

Actual Cost

Fast, Mobile-ready & Customizable Social Media Webiste presents a powerful package to setup a social media platform for niche communities

$999 Only! Demo

A great way to empower your online media community

To build a social website for a complete media setup consisting of videos, music, photos, blogs, groups, news etc. with many built-in features.


This package has attractive visualizations. Every aspect of the package is sketched in a vibrant way to make it look fascinating and eye-catching.


Whether your audience accesses your social network on desktop, tablet or phone, your social content can adapt perfectly to any screen size.


Customizing the look-n-feel is a breeze. No coding required! This package allows you to easily add, remove or edit any part of the website.

Why choose ‘Social Media Package’?

Social Media Package provides you a complete platform consisting of all sort of media like videos, photos, music, blogs, news. It is mobile-friendly and high in performance. This package has full-features to built a thriving commmunity.


Dream. Create. Record.


Capture the moments that captivate your heart


Let music flow in your heart and enrich your soul


Connecting ideas and people


If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us.

Many More

Be genuine. Be nice. Know your audience.

Setup your own social media website now.

[NOTE: This Package does not include the price for the SocialEngine License Key, and it needs to be purchased separately.]

This section displays the actual price of all included plugins, theme and calculation of the discount offered, to enable you to better visualize your tremendous savings with this package:

Plugin Name Cost
Advanced Music Albums, Songs, Playlists & Artists Plugin $59.00
Versatile - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme $69.00
Advanced Search Plugin $59.00
Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments $39.00
Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin $29.00
Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin $59.00
News / RSS Importer and Aggregator Plugin $89.00
Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location $39.00
Advanced Menus Plugin - Interactive and Attractive Navigation $59.00
SocialEngineAddOns Core Plugin $0.00
Advanced Photo Albums Plugin $49.00
Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin $69.00
Multiple Listing Types $159.00
User Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin $29.00
Groups / Communities Plugin $149.00
Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin $19.00
Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin $29.00
Documents Sharing Plugin - Google Docs Viewer $79.00
Website Backup and Restore Plugin – AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc. $79.00 Bulk Plugin Installation and Upgrade $30.00
Actual Cost: $1192

Great Discount of: $193

Cost After Discount: $999

The amazing Plugins and Extensions available with this package are listed below:

I have a discount coupon code. Will I be able to avail its discount during the checkout process of this package?
This package already offers a great discount. So, no other discount coupons will be applicable during the checkout process of this package.
Is the installation of products included in this package easy?
Yes absolutely! The installation of all the products included in this package is easy. But, if you want us to install the products included in this package on your site, then after the completion of your payment, and configuration of your license(s) for your plugin(s) from your Client Area, please initiate a Support Ticket from your Client Area and send us the following information of your site for the installation of the products included in this package:
1) Your SocialEngine License key
2) FTP information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):
- Host
- Username
- Password
3) Database information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):
- Host
- Username
- Password
4) Your site URL pointing to your server location.
5) Other desired site information:
- Community Title
- Admin Email
- Admin Password
This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 hours.
I am having some queries regarding the cost estimates and the offers given by you for this package. Is there any way to contact you via a Skype call or a phone call?
Please contact us by sending us your Skype Id. Our team will reply to you soon with resolutions of all your queries.
I want to customize this package according to the offerings, idea and design of my site. Can you help me?
Yes, please contact us with your requirements.
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