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Check out what new has been happening with the Mobile Apps for SocialEngine.

WebView Feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps - Benefits and Use Cases

Mobile Apps play a tremendous role in keeping your community users connected round the clock from absolutely anywhere. So, we often encourage our clients to move to the mobile space.

Custom Development Services for iOS and Android Mobile Apps

  Mobile Apps are crucial for growth and success of online communities and businesses as they expand your reach, and allow personalized & easy access to target users.

Success Stories from our iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Mobile Apps have today become major engagement mediums for online communities. It is important for every business to follow mobile trends to improve availability and user engagement of their platforms.

New Feature in iOS and Android Apps for SocialEngine - Multiple Listing Types

Multiple Listing Types can be called a universal and versatile feature for all content and information driven online communities, websites and mobile apps. The popular “Multiple Listing Types Plugin” enables you to create a new listing system on your website at anytime.

New Feature in iOS and Android Apps for SocialEngine - Advanced Events

Events are one of the most effective ways to increase your brand and community awareness. Even though everyone can communicate, share ideas, and make purchases online, many community owners and members still organize events offline as nothing is better than face-to-face engagement and live experience. Listing events relevant to your community’s idea can also motivate your members to keep coming back.

New Feature: Monetize your Android Mobile Application with Facebook Ads

Many app owners look for different ways to make money off their mobile apps. Surely, there is always a way to create a paid apps and some other resources, but it is a bit tricky to convince your community members to pay off for what you have to offer for them.   What if we bring an easy and quick way to monetize your mobile apps using Native Facebook ads?

New features in iOS and Android Mobile apps for SocialEngine PHP - May 2016

If you want to build a credible presence for your SocialEngine based community, then we recommend you to leverage our iOS & Android Mobile apps.

New Extensions of SocialEngine REST API Plugin

The “SocialEngine REST API Plugin” by SocialEngineAddOns opens up endless possibilities for your SocialEngine based online community. The JSON based REST API provided by this plugin allows you to integrate your SocialEngine based website with external Web and Mobile applications, and makes your online community universally accessible.

Multilingual Mobile Apps for SocialEngine based Communities

Localization is a key aspect today for success of mobile & web applications, as there is a large potential user-base of non-English-speaking population. The No. 2 and No. 3 countries for iOS App Store revenue: China and Japan, are both non-English-speaking countries.   Multilingual apps can do wonders when it comes to attracting new potential users towards your community and business.