New Feature in iOS and Android Apps for SocialEngine - Advanced Events

Friday June 10, 2016   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Events are one of the most effective ways to increase your brand and community awareness. Even though everyone can communicate, share ideas, and make purchases online, many community owners and members still organize events offline as nothing is better than face-to-face engagement and live experience. Listing events relevant to your community’s idea can also motivate your members to keep coming back. Such events give perceivable benefits to your members.


Whether you have a social networking website, and online community, an informational website or an education based website running on SocialEngine, the new integration of Advanced Events Plugin“ in our both iOS and Android apps will definitely make a big difference in the success of your community and business.


Even if you currently do not use SocialEngine, but want to set up an Events focussed Mobile App, our mobile apps products are the best tools for you.


Take a look at the main features of Advanced Events implemented in our apps:


Advanced Events:

  - Feature-rich events with attractive profiles

  - Easy to join events.

  - Invite your friends via email.

  - Add Photos, updates in Events.

  - Well designed “Browse Events” page to access all ongoing and future events.

  - “Categories” page to see / join events on category basis.

  - “Diaries” page to create diaries, save events of interest in different diaries. and a lot more!


• Recurring Events: If you have an event that will happen after every couple of days, weeks or months, this feature will helps you to create a recurring event. Users will be able to see the dates on which an event will be repeated and can join from there.


• Paid Packages: Community owners can create paid packages that will require community members to pay to create any event. This will help app owners to generate revenue from their apps. Packages are admin configurable and can vary in terms of features available to their events.


Events are a useful feature for various types of community websites and apps. They can increase engagement and enable you to offer perceptible value to your users. Though there can be endless use cases for having events on your community website and app, some of them can be:


For Interest based community apps:

• Events for exhibitions and conferences

• Events for music concerts

• Events for trips

• Competitive events like cycling races, biking stunts, etc.


For Alumni based networks:

• Fundraising Events

• Get together Events

• Startup bash events / opening ceremonies


For Organizations & branded communities:

• Break out Events

• Product launch Events

• Workshops


Utility & Content focused apps

• Events for parenting sessions

• Events for political gatherings

• Seminars


For Social Networking apps

• Holiday parties

• Happy hours

• Fun workshops

• Shopping festivals

And a lot more...


To check out the features of Advanced Events, get our demo apps from:

• iOS App Store:

• Android Play Store:

If Advanced Events form an important feature of your online community, then get our Mobile Apps now from here:


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