Tips for Increasing Number of Installs of your Mobile Apps

Friday August 26, 2016   |   News & Updates , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Mobile Apps are the best mediums to grow your online community and to keep your users engaged. However, with the large number of apps in the App Store and Play Store, getting your apps discovered by users is not easy.


Certainly, there are number of ways to promote your app, but only if you have a huge budget. Promoting your app with zero budget is a bit tricky, but we’re introducing some highly effective ways to market your "iOS and Android Mobile Apps" for your SocialEngine based online communities and get more installs:



Creative Banner on Website: Highlight your mobile apps on your website by placing an attractive banner image, with links to your mobile apps. Place this banner on the most visited pages of your website like Landing Page, Member Home Page, etc. This will bring users’ attention to your mobile apps.


Tip Bar on Mobile Site: Get your mobile website users to install your apps. With our newly created “Mobile App Browser Tip Message” widget, display a message tip in your mobile website, informing users to install your mobile apps. This easy-to-place widget intelligently detects the OS of user’s phone (iOS / Android), and suggests the respective app to them.


Note: This widget needs to be placed in the footer section. You can configure Title, Tip description and logo from widget's settings.


Spread the Word Feature: One of the great features of our Mobile Apps: “Spread the Word” enables users to invite their social contacts to join your mobile app. Using this feature, users can share your app with their contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.


App Store Optimization (ASO): It is not easy to make your app reach to as many eyes as possible, but ASO for mobile apps is a weapon that will display your app on top in relevant search results and drive more traffic towards your app in app store. Spend some time optimizing your app’s Title, Description, Keywords and it will have an amazing impact on your app’s ranking in the store and it’s success.


App Reviews & Ratings: Apps with higher ratings always come on top in search results. So, use every chance to ask your app’s users to rate / review your app on App Store / Play Store. Don’t push them, but let them know that their opinion and contribution is important to you and your community.


Professional and Attractive Screenshots: Your apps’ screenshots that are posted on the app stores should be attractive, relevant and should cover every important aspect of your app. Upload as many screenshots as you can, while submitting your app on store.

Note: Google Play allows 8 screenshots in total and App Store allows 5 screenshots for each of the devices provided there.


Focus on existing website user: Chances of your apps getting installed by existing users of your community are fairly much more than new users. Keep your community users aware about new features and updates in your mobile apps, by frequently posting on your website or sending them an email.


Use Social Media: Social networking websites are one of the most effective ways to increase awareness of your mobile apps.
- Interact with users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. who are talking about the apps of your category.
- Create social profiles for your mobile app and post interesting information of your app and attract new potential user to join.


Localize your app: Focusing only on the native language of your region means missing out a lot of potential users. Make use of the "Multiple Languages feature" of our apps and create as many language packs as you want to attract targeted audience and make your app available worldwide.


Offline events and advertisements: Get involved with the events of your industry, community and interest-base, and create awareness about your mobile apps. Let people know how your mobile apps would be helpful for them.
- Distribute free informative pamphlets for your mobile apps. 
- Leave your Business Card at appropriate places. It’ll help if your business card contains your app’s logo and branding.


So, these are some tips that will be free to implement, and will be very helpful to increase the number of installs of your mobile apps, and keep your online community engaged and growing continually.


Got any queries regarding any of the above points, or our Mobile Apps? Please contact us and we will get back to you quick!