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Check out what new has been happening with the Mobile Apps for SocialEngine.

Integration of Content Profiles Plugin with iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Your content pages speak a lot about your SocialEngine community. By adding up cover photos, you can make the pages more attractive and appealing.   Attractive and appealing content profiles lead to better user engagement and improved branding of your community.

New Feature: User Tagging feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Rapidly transforming Mobile apps industry demands businesses to improve user engagement. To meet such business demand, every app owner is trying hard to maximize the user engagement in their apps. User engagement depends on how attractive and interactive features your app provides to keep your apps users hooked.   Never miss a conversation again!

Important for Mobile Owners: Required changes after upgrading site to SocialEngine 4.9

If you have upgraded your website to SocialEngine 4.9, then please make sure that you apply below change on your site. Without this change, your apps may stop working and your users will not be able to login to the app. Changes: 1. Login to FTP or cPanel.   2. Go to directory root path and open index.php file.   3. Search for below code:   define('_ENGINE_R_TARG', 'index.php');   4.

New Feature: Comment Stickers in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Continuous evolution in markets demand businesses to progress at a much faster rate. The need for much better user experience has increased significantly. And while, talking about user experience; mobile apps play a big role.

Admin Configurable Tab Bar and Dashboard in iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine

Mobile Apps allow your users and customers to engage with your community and social network in a whole new way.

New Feature: Friend Suggestions in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Acquiring users in your Mobile App is only half the battle won, keeping them engaged is essential for business retention. To keep app users active, some exciting and interactive features do wonders.   We have already implemented many engaging features like Push Notifications, Easy and Advanced Search, Reactions & Stickers, and more, which have played important role in increasing user activity in a network.

New Feature - Community Ads in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Mobile apps are growing faster than ever and helping app owners to make their businesses reach new heights.

Content Creation On-the-go in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Relevant and Attractive content in an online community increases user engagement and motivates users to come back to your app and website. With new content added regularly to your community, your community looks active and SEO also gets a boost!   Thus, it is very important for users of your community to be able to easily create content.   Content creation is a matter of a few seconds on desktop version of your SocialEngine community.

iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine updated to Swift 3

For any online network and business, continuous improvement is mandatory for growth, for retaining user base and for competitive advantage.

Things we do for good Performance of Mobile Apps, and some Tips

In the ever increasing race of Mobile apps, every app owner is trying hard to increase user base of their apps. Getting new app updates out is necessary, but not enough without good app performance.