Things we do for good Performance of Mobile Apps, and some Tips

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In the ever increasing race of Mobile apps, every app owner is trying hard to increase user base of their apps. Getting new app updates out is necessary, but not enough without good app performance. New features help in attracting new users, whereas good app performance helps in keeping users hooked up to the apps.


We give a lot of importance to the performance of our "iOS and Android Mobile Apps" products for SocialEngine. Below are some important practices that we have followed in the development of these products:


•  Lazy loading of Images

•  Images and Feeds Caching

•  Pre-loading of Forms (Only in iOS as of now)

•  Reusability of layouts

•  Code Generalization

•  Adequate API requests to maintain app responsiveness to user interaction (so that the UI does not lock-up and display an "Application Not Responding" dialog in cases of delayed API response).



Your Mobile Apps’ performance is also proportionate to the performance of your SocialEngine based website. So, doing the below things for your website will have a great impact on your mobile apps’ speed too:


•  Enable Caching (from “Performance & Caching” section)

•  Always keep your site in Production mode, unless you need to debug issues on your website.

•  Enable Translation Performance (from “Performance & Caching” section)

•  Enable APCu cache (from “Performance & Caching” section)

•  Enable E-mail queue (from “Mail Settings” section)


There are also some other ways to speed up your SocialEngine based website and Mobile Apps, and you can opt for those too with the help of your hosting company or purchase our service from this page:


Note: Other than the above, your website’s speed depends on your server resources as well.


You can follow above recommendations and you will see a noticeable difference in both your website’s and apps’ performance.



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