Content Creation On-the-go in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

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Relevant and Attractive content in an online community increases user engagement and motivates users to come back to your app and website. With new content added regularly to your community, your community looks active and SEO also gets a boost!

Thus, it is very important for users of your community to be able to easily create content.

Content creation is a matter of a few seconds on desktop version of your SocialEngine community. Our SocialEngineAddOns iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine also provide easy and quick content creation, right from the comfort of mobile screens, while users are on-the-go.

Content Creation in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine


Few highlights of quick content creation in these apps are :

• Easily accessible, Floating button with “+” indicator on content browse pages of Android App, which motivates users for content generation.

Text Editor in Blog and SocialEngineAddOns plugins, allows users to create Rich Content directly from the app.

• Easy to understand and simple content creation forms.

Great UI design which increases overall user experience.

• Easy posting of Photos and Videos from the Status Box in Activity Feeds.

Easy Check-in, adding Emoticons and Link attachments in Status Box in Activity Feeds.

Create various types of content like Events, Forums, Albums, Videos, Listings, Pages, Groups and a lot more!

Upcoming: Some great improvements in Forms across the Android app are coming soon!



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