Admin Configurable Tab Bar and Dashboard in iOS Mobile App for SocialEngine

Monday March 27, 2017   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Mobile Apps allow your users and customers to engage with your community and social network in a whole new way. User engagement with Mobile Apps depends a lot on visibility and accessibility of handy features.


We are continuously working on our “iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine”, and now we have come up with great enhancements in Tab Bar and App Dashboard features in iOS Mobile App. This enhancement provides admins complete control to highlight selected features in app to increase their visibility.


Some key features in these enhancements are:

1. Two different types of Dashboard Menus are provided:

a. Drawable Menu

b. Tab Bar Menu


2. Admin can select any one of the App Dashboard types from the iOS app set-up form.



3. In Tab Bar Menu:

a. First and fifth menus in Tab Bar are fixed. 2nd, 3rd and 4th menus are admin configurable.

b. Admin can select important menus to be displayed in Tab Bar.

c. Admin can select images for the menus to be displayed in Tab Bar.




Note: If any of the App Dashboard settings is changed from the app set-up in admin panel, then it is required to get the app upgraded with updated settings.


Benefits of these enhancements:

1. Ability to choose Dashboard type gives you, the administrator lots of flexibility.


2. Making important features of your app available in tab bar gives users easy access to them. This can lead to more user engagement, and also to generation of more content in those features. Example: If Events and Stores Marketplace are important features for your community, then you can choose to have “Events” and “Cart” as 2 tabs in the tab bar.



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