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Check out what new has been happening with the Mobile Apps for SocialEngine.

Why Clients Love our iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Mobile apps are not only a marketing tool to retain your site users, but provide you a new medium to engage with them in a whole new way!

Stores / Marketplace in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Businesses that jump on e-commerce bandwagon not only retain a competitive edge but also improve their revenue stream.

Custom Mobile Apps Development - iOS and Android

Mobile apps vastly increase the reach for online businesses and open up numerous possibilities for engagement and monetization.   At SocialEngineAddOns, we have expert development teams for iOS and Android Mobile Apps development.

Share Intent: Enable media and content sharing from other Mobile Apps to yours

We’re actively improving our "iOS and Android Mobile apps" for SocialEngine, so that your online communities have the best mobile tools to grow.

Branding of Website and Mobile Apps is important than ever

The branding of your Website and Mobile Apps plays a vital role in your marketing and in attracting potential users. Good, consistent branding increases brand-recall and so it is very important to stand out and build a unique identity in this ever growing competition amongst online properties.

Many SocialEngineAddOns plugins now integrated with iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Mobile Apps are a great way to make your online community better and popular. Mobile Apps will not only expand your community’s reach, but will also increase user engagement with better user experience.   If you have an online community with good user base but you haven’t got Mobile Apps yet, then you’re missing out a lot. If you have been waiting for our Mobile Apps to get integrated with our plugins, then there is a good news for you.

Search Enhancements in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

  If your mobile apps include significant content, then search is a must feature. Search in Mobile Apps enable users to find relevant content quicker, and thus increases engagement in your community.   Users often find it difficult to go back-and-forth searching for the right content, especially if it was created long ago.

New Reactions feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

We’re back with some new enhancements in our "iOS and Android Mobile Apps" for SocialEngine!   Not everything that is shared on Online Communities is meant to be liked. Some posts seek other reactions depending upon one’s opinion.

FCM Implementation for Push Notifications in Android App for SocialEngine

Push notifications is a feature that has the biggest potential to increase engagement in your app, and to regularly bring back users to your app. Whether you have a social networking app, an online community app, e-commerce app, utility app, or any other type of app, push notifications can have a big impact on engagement. Mobile apps with push notifications are found to have 3 times more retention.

New features in iOS and Android Mobile apps - Marquee Titles, Hashtags and Cover Photos

In the continuously growing mobile space, we’re working hard on our Mobile Apps products to make your online community grow. We’ve come up with some new feature developments in both our "iOS and Android Mobile apps" for SocialEngine PHP as detailed below: 1.