Search Enhancements in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Friday October 21, 2016   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment


If your mobile apps include significant content, then search is a must feature. Search in Mobile Apps enable users to find relevant content quicker, and thus increases engagement in your community.


Users often find it difficult to go back-and-forth searching for the right content, especially if it was created long ago. To make the search functionality quick, easy and user-friendly, we have made some enhancements in both our iOS and Android mobile apps’ existing search functionality.


Enhancements in Search feature:


• Improved search feature allows app users to easily search / retrieve content from any specific integrated module in app.

• From the Global Search form, user can select module name to perform the search on.

• On performing search action on a selected module, user will get redirected to the search page of that specific module to choose that module’s filters. The user flow for this is smooth.

• Back button from that module’s search page will bring the user back to Global search

Some benefits of Search feature:


1. Ease of Use: Along with the fast and easy search results, search provides simple and easy to use interface.


2. Filtered Search: Our apps allow users to choose what or where to search for something within the app. Users can choose module to perform search within and other related fields of that module like categories, custom fields, etc.


3. User Engagement: Faster the users can search for the information they need, more engaged they will be in the app.


4. User Retention and App Branding: Better user experience means users would spend more time on your app. Improved search functionality in the app can lead to users coming back to your app frequently, and then share their experience with others that will make your app popular, with increased sign-ups and improved branding.


To check out this search enhancement in our Demo iOS and Android apps, please get them from:


Apple App Store          Google Play


If you haven't yet got Mobile Apps for your online community, then get them now from here: .



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