New features in iOS and Android Mobile apps - Marquee Titles, Hashtags and Cover Photos

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In the continuously growing mobile space, we’re working hard on our Mobile Apps products to make your online community grow. We’ve come up with some new feature developments in both our "iOS and Android Mobile apps" for SocialEngine PHP as detailed below:

1. Marquee Effect on Header Titles

A big problem with content driven mobile apps is the limited space that’s available in the header to display titles. Truncating the text in the header to fit it in reduces its readability and meaning. With the Marquee effect, we display Header Titles (in app header) such that the text smoothly scrolls horizontally from left to right, if it exceeds the screen width. This is a feature that enhances both the app’s usability and engagement.

2. Hashtag Auto-suggestion

Hashtags are being used everywhere, be it Facebook, Twitter or any Social Networking site. A very popular "Hashtags Plugin" is already integrated in our both iOS and Android mobile apps. We’ve now made some enhancements and implemented auto-suggest feature for HashTags in mobile apps. If a user starts typing only # or # with any alphabet, then hashtag suggestions will pop-up in a list, providing app users convenience while using hashtags.

3. Integration with User Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin
The “User Cover Photo” feature provides attractive and professional appearance to member profiles in your mobile apps. On new sign up, a default photo will be set (admin configurable), which a user can change individually to one of their choice.


So, above is a quick summary of the recent feature developments in our mobile apps products. To check out these new features in our Demo iOS and Android apps, please get them from:


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