WebView Feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps - Benefits and Use Cases

Friday August 5, 2016   |   News & Updates , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Mobile Apps play a tremendous role in keeping your community users connected round the clock from absolutely anywhere. So, we often encourage our clients to move to the mobile space. But sometimes, community admins are concerned if everything that a user can access on website will be available on their Mobile Apps too?


The answer to this concern, and with many added benefits, is the “WebView” feature that we’ve implemented in both our iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine. WebView allows you to make web elements available inside your mobile app. Thus, any external web content or non-natively-integrated plugin can be accessed within the app via WebView, hence making your app users believe that to be a part of your mobile app.


Benefits of WebView in Mobile Apps:


The WebView feature enables you to achieve many use cases in your iOS and Android apps:


• Display external web content inside your app: One of the numerous use cases of this could be that you can showcase and change Campaigns in your mobile apps in real time. Just add a new Menu-Item in the App Dashboard, and link it to that campaign:



• Make available those SocialEngineAddOns plugins in your app that are yet not natively integrated.


• Make available those 3rd-party plugins in your app that are not natively integrated.



Some additional benefits are:


• For the last 2 of above use cases, the “Single Sign-On” feature (SSO) of the “REST API Plugin“ makes the user experience seamless. If a logged-in user of your app navigates to a WebView page, then that user will be automatically logged-in in the webview and will see the web-content of your community as a logged-in user.


• The content of the WebView is responsive and mobile friendly, thus adding to good user experience.


• The Robust App Dashboard Menu provided in our mobile apps and the WebView feature make a powerful combination. They allow for Realtime Updates in your app, which means that new content, with new menu-item can be added / modified any time in your app from the Admin Panel, and this will be reflected in all your app’s installations at the same time, without requiring app upgrades.


For more details about the WebView feature, and to know how easy it is to control from your apps’ admin panel, please visit this article: .


Got queries about this amazing feature, or something else? Please contact us and we will get back to you quick!