New Feature: Monetize your Android Mobile Application with Facebook Ads

Thursday May 26, 2016   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Many app owners look for different ways to make money off their mobile apps. Surely, there is always a way to create a paid apps and some other resources, but it is a bit tricky to convince your community members to pay off for what you have to offer for them.


What if we bring an easy and quick way to monetize your mobile apps using Native Facebook ads? Yes, to serve our clients better with their monetization needs, we’ve implemented Facebook ads in our "Android Mobile Application". Just a few simple steps to create Placement ID from your Facebook account, and you’re ready to get Facebook Ads in your Android Mobile App.


Take a look at some of the key advertisements related features in our Android App:


Display innovative ads formats: A unique feature of native Facebook ads, recently implemented in our Android mobile app is that they are custom designed ads that fit seamlessly with your app, and blend up with the design of your app. This provides a smooth user experience.


Check out in this video how Facebook ads appear in our Android apps:



Get ads that match your audience: Use ads that bring best results. You, being an admin of your Mobile app and Facebook app, can take care of showing well suited engaging Video Ads and Image Ads to your community members, that will improve the number of ad clicks. This further results in maximizing your potential revenue.


Determine placement of ads in your mobile app: In your Android app, you will have full control over deciding that in which section, and after how many blocks, a Facebook ad should be displayed in your app.


Revenue from Facebook ads depends upon CPM (click per impression) [Impression is the number of ads your users see]. So, take wise decision while selecting the types and placement of ads in your mobile app.


To get the details about creation of Placement ID for Facebook ads, revenue generation, filtering / restricting specific ads, please have a look at the documentation created by Facebook: To get a quick idea on how to generate Placement ID, watch out our video tutorial.


Note: The “Facebook Ads” platform is an Advertisements Serving Network. These Ads are not branded with Facebook’s branding, and your users will not get to know that these ads are coming from Facebook Ads.


Note: We’re working hard on implementing the Facebook Ads feature in our ”iOS Mobile Application” too, and will be releasing it in 3-4 weeks.


So, this is how Facebook Ads work in our Android Mobile app, and help you in generating revenue from your community app.


To check out Facebook Ads in our Demo Android App, please get the app from Google Play over here: We’ve currently placed ads on Home Activity Feeds and content browse pages.


If you haven't yet got Mobile Apps for your online community, then get them now from here:


Got any queries? You can contact us anytime and we will get back to you quick!