New developments in iOS and Android Mobile Apps - Plugin Integrations, Sound Effects and more

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Mobile Apps play a big role in growing online communities. With the increasing demand of Mobile Apps, we’re regularly updating our mobile products and now, we’ve come up with new feature developments in our "iOS and Android Mobile Apps" for SocialEngine. These new features include integration with “Directory / Pages Plugin” and “Hashtags Plugin”, and a very interactive feature of action based Sounds Effects.

1) Integration with Directory / Pages Plugin

Directory / Pages Plugin” enables you to have a robust directory system in your community. It enables you to create a variety of directory businesses like Cars, Hotels, Restaurants, Recipes, Pet shops, Tours, Activities, etc. on your website. Now, not only on your website, this plugin’s useful features can also be available in your mobile apps with great design, quick navigation, ease-of-use and good browsing experience.


2) Integration with Hashtags Plugin

Hashtags are everywhere, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any social network. These are becoming an ever-increasingly popular way to promote businesses, services or products. Hashtags are a popular and easy way to organize information and communications in your community. Thus, they are also an efficient way for people to find content related to specific topics.


This amazing feature that has recently been implemented in both our iOS and Android mobile apps simplify the search process:


• Click on the hashtag you see in app, and you will get results related to that specific hashtag.

• Search for any particular hashtag, you get to see all related results for that hashtag.

• Auto-suggestion feature of Hashtag makes the search more easy for app users.


3) Sound Effects on various Actions

Sound effects in mobile apps can spice up your community and make it interactive. Sound effects in our iOS and Android Mobile apps are applied on various actions, like Feed refresh, Like, Comment, Back, etc.


App owner can choose to enable / disable sound effects in app from the app creation form. If enabled, app users have the privilege to “On / Off” the sound from app’s settings.



So, these are the new feature implementations recently done in our Mobile Apps for SocialEngine, and you can get them in your apps by getting your apps upgraded.


You can also check out all above features and other recent developments in our demo iOS and Android mobile apps from here:


Google Play          Apple App Store


If you haven't yet got Mobile Apps for your online community, then get them now from here: , and see your community grow.


Got queries about any of the above feature? Please contact us and we will get back to you quick!