Why is it important to keep your Mobile Apps updated and bug free

Thursday September 15, 2016   |   News & Updates , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

App quality plays a very important role in user experience and engagement. With new apps being launched regularly on the app store, user expectations are forever increasing. Recently, Apple announced that they will be evaluating apps to clean up the App Store.


At SocialEngineAddOns, we regularly upgrade our "iOS and Android Mobile Apps" for iOS and Android platform upgrade compatibility, bug-fixes, and with new features and enhancements. We do this so that you can make the most out of the growth opportunities that mobile apps provide to your community and online business. After we upgrade our products, your apps in the app stores can be upgraded too by us so that your users can get the new developments.


Below are some drawbacks of not keeping your apps updated:


Decreased user retention and engagement: Apps with broken functionalities and bugs provide bad user experience.


Lack of new feature developments: New releases of our apps generally contain new features, along with enhancements that you can take advantage of. Thus, an upgrade can provide new features to your app users.


OS compatibility issues: Any major update in the operating system (OS - iOS or Android) of a mobile device may cause issues with existing apps. We always try to have compatibility updates ready when the OS is updated.



We adhere to a defined set of quality checks before submitting apps to iTunes, but we recommend you to please check your iOS and Android apps once after launch and upgrade, and if you find any major / crash issues then please file a support ticket, or reach us at , and our team will resolve issues in your app, upgrade it and submit it to iTunes / Google Play.


To get the iOS and Android Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based community upgraded to the latest builds, please file a Support Ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area.

For details of the recent developments in our Mobile Apps, please visit:


For any queries, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you quick!