Success Stories from our iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

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Mobile Apps have today become major engagement mediums for online communities. It is important for every business to follow mobile trends to improve availability and user engagement of their platforms. Many of our clients have adopted mobile strategies and are now running their online communities and businesses successfully on mobile apps using our continually growing and evolving Mobile Apps products.


In our recent upgrades, we have released features that widely increase the use cases that our Mobile apps can fulfill. Thus, we’re confident that with our newly released features like Advanced Events, Multiple Listing Types, Location Based Browsing, and many more, our apps will be useful for a large variety of online communities. In our upcoming releases, we will be majorly focusing on app monetization with features like Packages work in Advanced Events and Multiple Listing Types, Support for more Ad networks, Subscriptions, Mobile Stores, Event Tickets, and more!


We would like to highlight some of the many successful mobile apps that are built using our iOS and Android mobile apps products, and our clients’ feedback about our Mobile Apps:



The Christian Network

A Social Network for Connecting Christians, Churches and members worldwide


Words cannot express how grateful I am for SEAO. These guys go above and beyond with great customer service. They have created the best mobile app I've seen so far. The smooth look and feel. I recommend SEAO to anyone looking to run a great social network mobile app. Thanks to the app, I have seen membership jumped immediately. Thank you SEAO!  ~ Dayne Edwards



Todo Acuario

A Community dedicated to the world of aquatics , both marine aquariums and freshwater aquariums


I've been making websites for years. Some years ago I started working with SocialEngineAddons and since that moment, all my websites improved a lot. Starting working with them is one of the best thing I've done. Now, I have my own mobile apps and my websites are growing faster than before. In fact since I have my apps, the visits on my website have increased 3 times. I would recommend all of you to try them and to try to work with SocialEngineAddons. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine my projects without them. Thank you very much SEAO!! ~ Fernando Sicilia Mendoza



ICTTF Mobile App

International Cyber Threat Task Force. An organisation formed to create an international community of people concerned with dealing with cyber threats, such as cybercrime or cyber warfare


We are very happy with our mobile app. We have gotten very positive feedback from our customers and the integration with our website provides the users with a very navigable and easy to learn structure. Our platform is home to many specialists and enthusiasts in the cyber security fields who interact between each other individually and in group participation; therefore having a mobile app that is both straightforward and easy to use is rather important for people that are normally quite busy but need to stay up to date in the cyber community. The SocialEngineAddOns team have been very friendly and open to suggestions. We have taken note that they stay on top of security and feature updates and are always eager to improve their product and have our recommendation.  ~ David Andrews



These apps might not have all the features provided by our products, as that depends on the client’s and their community’s requirements. To check out the complete features, you may browse our demo apps from here:

Whether you have a social networking website, a niche community, an online store, an informational website, an educational website, or any other type of online community, our mobile app products can suit your requirements. If you haven’t yet got mobile apps for your community, then get them now from here: .


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