New Feature in iOS and Android Apps for SocialEngine - Multiple Listing Types

Friday June 17, 2016   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

Multiple Listing Types can be called a universal and versatile feature for all content and information driven online communities, websites and mobile apps. The popular “Multiple Listing Types Plugin” enables you to create a new listing system on your website at anytime. Think of any idea which can be a listing: it could be Articles, Books, Restaurants, Cars, Travel Places, Movies, Recipes, Fashion Trends, Properties, Jobs, or anything, this plugin enables you to get its listing system up and running on your community quickly.


If you have an interest based community or an organization, then there will definitely be some listing system that your users will find useful. Get it set up in your community, and see how engagement grows!


Now, if you had wished for Listings to be available in your Mobile Apps too, then we have a great news for you! Many of our clients who’re using “Multiple Listing Types Plugin” on their websites always desired to get it in their Mobile Apps. We’re excited to announce that we have integrated “Multiple Listing Types Plugin” in both our Native iOS and Android mobile apps.


Even if you currently do not use SocialEngine, but want to set up a Listings focussed Mobile App, our native mobile apps products are the best tools for you.


As an app owner, you can create any number of listings from Admin Panel of your website and can configure different Layouts in the app for the various listing types. Below are some of the key features of Multiple Listing Types in Mobile Apps:


• Great User Interface with attractive listing profiles

• “Categories” page for each listing system.

• Well designed Browse Listings page to see all the available listings in a particular Listing Type.

• Robust searching and filtering of listings.

• Location specific browsing and searching of listings.

Make each listing system unique: Various Listing Types can be configured such that they appear completely different from each other when it comes to Layout. There are 3 attractive layouts available for listings browse pages in the mobile apps:

   - Matrix View

   - Grid View

   - List View

• Post status update in listings and add Photos.

• Easy to create new listings in the various Listing Types.

• Easy to add a new Listing System in your apps.

Write a review, read Reviews for any listing.

and a lot more!



Note: There are a number of Listings Types created on our demo apps: Blogs, Classifieds, Products, Articles and Tourism. To explore these, get our demo apps from:


• iOS App Store:

• Android Play Store:


Note: The Packages feature for “Multiple Listing Types” in mobile apps is coming soon.


If Multiple Listing Types Plugin is one of the main features of your website, then this is the right time to get our Mobile Apps: .


Got any queries? You can contact us anytime and we will get back to you!