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This category contains posts regarding the new releases on SocialEngineAddOns.

New Service: Custom Support for Customized Website & Mobile Apps and 25% Discount on Everything !

Your website is a very important element of your business. If it is up-to-date and running smoothly, it can be a valuable support and asset. If it is not in a good state, it can cost you dearly. is here to help you with its new service which says Custom Support: Customized Website & Mobile Apps.

New Release: Ultimate Twitter Clone Theme - Make Your Community alike Twitter !

We are excited to share something we’ve been working on, the release of our Ultimate Twitter Clone Theme. With this theme, you can give and feel just like Twitter to your SocialEngine based website.

New Release: Grab the attention of users and engage them with Ultimate YouTube Clone Theme & Ultimate YouTube Clone Package!

We are glad to announce the release of our Ultimate YouTube Clone Theme. With this theme, you can give an interesting and professional look to your SocialEngine based Community just like YouTube. With tons of features it will help to improve your traffic, and make your website stand out from the crowd.

New Release: User Identity Verification / KYC Plugin - Validate Your Users Easily

With User Identity Verification / KYC Plugin, Admin can easily verify users. It increases the trust of users on the website and makes the website secure. It adds a security layer to your website. User uploads the document and then submits it for verification, its status is visible to him. The documents are approved/ rejected by super admin or a group of members added by superadmin. Admin can enable three document types for the user.

New Service: Amazon Lightsail Configuration Service

If you’re someone who is looking for a virtual server for hosting of your website, but the higher cost of virtual hosting always becomes a barrier for you. Then, AWS has come up with its Lightsail version which will be the right choice for you. Amazon Lightsail offers a very cost-effective cloud hosting platform ideal for hosting of simple workloads & web-applications.

New Service: Build Your Team @

Technology plays a crucial role in the growth and accomplishment of a business. To succeed, you need to have a team that possesses the right technical knowledge, skill-sets, and good experience. With the purpose of helping you achieve your vision, is here with a new service Build Your Team @ that will help you hire a professional team.

New Release: Professional Contests Plugin - Enables You to Increase Traffic on Your Website and Get Great Exposure!

If you are you looking for a unique and engaging way to attract more site visitors to your website. We’ve just got the solution for you: Run A Contest. is here with the release of a new plugin i.e. Professional Contests Plugin. The plugin comes with all the features you could need to run a successful contest on your site.

Action Required: Update your Android Mobile App to Latest version

  Google Play has recently changed its User Data Policies and is now requesting all App Owners to submit new app updates with required changes. We have already taken the necessary action and made required changes in the Source Code of App.

New Release: AWS 24/7 Support Service

Get around-the-clock monitoring from a team of certified AWS engineers with our new AWS 24/7 Support Service! We will configure best possible AWS Architecture for your business, providing 24/7 Monitoring and Server Support, Advanced Storage and Caching configurations and most important of all, we'll use latest AWS Technologies to optimize and reduce the monthly AWS billing upto 10%.

New Release: Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & UI Enhancement - Directory / Pages in iOS and Android Mobile Apps!

  Mobile Apps in this digital world has a pivotal role in the success of every business. It requires continuous improvement to be at the top of the Mobile Apps’ Industry.