New Release: Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & UI Enhancement - Directory / Pages in iOS and Android Mobile Apps!

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Mobile Apps in this digital world has a pivotal role in the success of every business. It requires continuous improvement to be at the top of the Mobile Apps’ Industry. We at SocialEngineAddOns, understand the ever-growing requirement and always come up with new and exciting features that can help in the tremendous growth of your Community.


Recently in the past few months, we have integrated many amazing features with our iOS and Android Mobile Apps and here, we’re back with more significant enhancements that can lead your SocialEngine Community to another level.

UI Enhancements - Directory / Pages

We have redesigned the Directory Page’s View Page to give a completely new look and feel to the Users which will make the experience much more enlightened with easy access to all the available options. Easy visibility and redirection of option to Call, Message, Like, Review , etc provide a much more user-friendly and engaging experience.


Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Integration

Watching a Video and want to access other screens within or outside the app? Here, come videos in Picture-in-Picture mode into play. In order to match the current standards that let users play videos even after they have left the app or are on any other screen in the app is what Videos in Picture-In-Picture Mode provide. It allows playback even after you minimize the app and jump to the home screen on your phone, and video will continue playing in a separate, small resizable and movable overlay.


Check out Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Service for the Features, Benefits and other details which can add a great impact on your SocialEngine Engine community in numerous ways: Service Page



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