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This category contains posts regarding the new releases on SocialEngineAddOns.

Music Extension for Directory / Pages Plugin released!

Beginning our practice of releasing new extensions for the "Directory / Pages Plugin" and enhancing the existing ones, we're glad to announce the release of our new extension: Directory / Pages - Music Extension Th

Directory / Pages Plugin for SocialEngine 4 now released!

We're excited to announce the release of our awesome new plugin after a lot of hard-work and some sleepless nights! Directory / Pages Plugin This plugin enables you to have a robust directory system in your social network.

Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin for SocialEngine 4 now released!

After a lot of customer requests, planning and hard-work, we're excited to announce the release of a much awaited plugin: Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin To read more about this plugin and check out the screenshots, visit the main plugin page over here:

New SE 4 Plugin Releases: Advanced Facebook Integration, Likes, Social Plugins, Open Graph, News Feed, Feed Publisher, and more

Use the latest viral tools provided by Facebook for websites. Get your site's content in the universal social graph of users, and generate high degree of user engagement and social interaction between your website and Facebook, thus leading to increased popularity, increased registrations and growth in traffic.

Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin released!

2011 has started with a bang! We're excited to announce the release of our Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin.      Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin   This plugin provides you the best features to create your own niche listings in your online community.

New SocialEngine 4 Plugin Releases: Birthdays and Poke!

We're excited to announce the release of 2 new plugins:   1)       Birthdays Plugin - Listing, Wishes, Reminder Emails & Widgets   2)      Poke Plugin   These plugins further enhance your SocialEngine site, and increase the level of user experience on your site.

SocialEngine 4 Plugin releases in the last month

The last one month from mid-October onwards has been very exciting and hectic.

New SocialEngine Themes!

We're excited to release 2 excellent SocialEngine Themes: 1) Sparkling Night Theme   2) Blue Tide Theme   These excellent themes will give your users a great experience, and will grea