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This category contains posts regarding the new releases on SocialEngineAddOns.

Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin released!

2011 has started with a bang! We're excited to announce the release of our Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin.      Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin   This plugin provides you the best features to create your own niche listings in your online community.

New SocialEngine 4 Plugin Releases: Birthdays and Poke!

We're excited to announce the release of 2 new plugins:   1)       Birthdays Plugin - Listing, Wishes, Reminder Emails & Widgets   2)      Poke Plugin   These plugins further enhance your SocialEngine site, and increase the level of user experience on your site.

SocialEngine 4 Plugin releases in the last month

The last one month from mid-October onwards has been very exciting and hectic.

New SocialEngine Themes!

We're excited to release 2 excellent SocialEngine Themes: 1) Sparkling Night Theme   2) Blue Tide Theme   These excellent themes will give your users a great experience, and will grea