Action Required: Update your Android Mobile App to Latest version

Thursday December 12, 2019   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment


Google Play has recently changed its User Data Policies and is now requesting all App Owners to submit new app updates with required changes. We have already taken the necessary action and made required changes in the Source Code of App. It’s a must to have your Android App upgraded to Latest Version because Apps that fail to meet policy requirements may be removed from Google Play.


As per the revised User Data Policies of Google Play, the Privacy Policy Page of Android Mobile App should clearly include all the relevant information related to Personal and Sensitive User Data App Owner is collecting from users. These can be Contact Details, Advertisement, Analytics, etc. Please update the content of your "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service Page" with the required details. You can reach out to our Support Team in case of further assistance.


Save your Android App from getting unpublished by Play Store Team,

Update your Android App now to Latest Version

Request App Update


If you have Customized Android App, then please get your Customized Branch updated with the latest code. Please contact our Support Team for additional cost required for upgrade of your Customized App.


With this App Update, you will get to see some minor bug fixes and improvements as well in the Android Mobile App.



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