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    Enhance your communities with our plugins, themes & packages. Amazing products to fulfill new business possibilities & increase engagement.

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  • Create and Publish Powerful Native iOS and Android Apps.

    Over 500 businesses have created Mobile Apps using SEAO's Mobile Apps Builder to increase user conversions & reach wider audiences.

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  • Keep your Community Active & Engaging...

    Get multi-fold increase in users engagement with Channelize.io powered rich & engaging Real-time Chat, Video & Voice Calling and Group Chat features that plug-n-play into your SocialEngine based website and mobile apps.

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  • Get your Ideas developed by our Expert Team

    Custom Web and Mobile App Development Service for your Unique App Idea.

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    We provide impactful services like Live Streaming, Images optimization, Video on demand, Website Speedup and many more to make your online business & community successful.

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    Run & Scale your community efficiently at optimal cost

    We are an authorized Amazon Consulting Partner. SocialApps.tech and AWS (Amazon Web Services) partnership brings limitless possibilities for your business growth.

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    Our is the technically expert team in multiple domains. We work utilizing customer information and provide the best.

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What is SocialApps.tech?

SocialApps.tech has been the top rated developer for SocialEngine since more than 13 years. We have deep domain expertise, right technology skills, and customer success is our foremost goal.

SocialApps.tech Delivers End To End Services

We are client focused software development company in India. Whether you need custom web development or an appealing website design, We have the required expertise and experience to do it all.

Amazing SocialEngine Plugins

Amazing SocialEngine Plugins

Enhance your communities with our plugins. Amazing plugins to fulfill new business possibilities & increase engagement.

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Responsive Themes

Responsive Themes

Make the access of your communities visually appealing to devices of all dimensions using the entirely responsive themes.

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iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps

Get smooth and proficient both iOS and Android native mobile apps for building top notch mobile community.

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Highly Discounted Packages

Highly Discounted Packages

Get packages clubbed with best products on the best in market prices. Discount packages encapsulate great number of products in minimal cost.

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Product Kits

Product Kits

Products kits enclose all the required products to serve the theme of your community. You don’t have to roam here and there to get complete package.

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Managed Hosting / AWS Cloud Hosting

Managed Hosting / AWS Cloud Hosting

Empower your business with AWS Cloud Hosting to ensure maximum efficiency and convenience.

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Custom Development

Custom Development

We provide not only the best products in the market but the best custom development & service for your community in the best way you want your community to be.

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We work in the finest way to provide the best services to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Our Packages

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Instagram with the customizations & configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate Insta Clone Package” will be an awesome choice for you. With this package, you can build up your SocialEngine website in just a couple of minutes.

  • Actual Cost $961.00
  • You pay $699.00
  • Discount $262.00

Do you want to build and showcase a website just like Twitter? Then “Ultimate Twitter Clone Package” will be the awesome choice for you. This package includes all the plugins that you need to kick-start a booming network similar to Twitter.

  • Actual Cost $1,483.00
  • You pay $699.00
  • Discount $784.00

Are you looking to build up your own community just like YouTube with the customizations & configurations of your choice? Then “Ultimate YouTube Clone Package” will be the awesome choice for you. With this package, you can build up your SocialEngine website in a couple of few minutes.

  • Actual Cost $1,226.00
  • You pay $699.00
  • Discount $527.00

Launch a complete contest-based community with our Social Contests Package. With this package, you will get a complete setup to run contests on your community with a dynamic and top-rated theme. This package will help you to enhance user engagement on your social community.

  • Actual Cost $1,584.00
  • You pay $799.00
  • Discount $785.00

The package enables you to make your own social community of professionals. LinkedIn Clone Theme will give your network a look & feel just like the LinkedIN Network. Varous other plugins add up to the functionalities of your social network of professional networks.

  • Actual Cost $1,465.00
  • You pay $499.00
  • Discount $966.00

This package is a combination of five services, ie. SocialEngine Setup and Installation on Amazon Cloud (AWS), Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES) Setup for Outgoing Emails, Automatic Backup Service on Amazon S3 (AWS), Speeding Up your SocialEngine Website and SSL Certificate Installation Service.

  • Actual Cost $1,205.00
  • You pay $599.00
  • Discount $606.00

This package contains almost all the plugins and themes including Mobile Apps from SocialApps.tech and will enable you to set up your SocialEngine website just like our Main Demo. This is a complete, cost effective package to launch a website with new, attractive and engaging features to keep your users hooked.

  • Actual Cost $6,119.00
  • You pay $2,399.00
  • Discount $3,720.00

This package contains almost all our SocialEngineAddOns plugins, thus enabling you to have thriving online community and social website. With this package, your website can be quickly setup like our Main Demo (https://demo.socialapps.tech/). You also additionally get our Plus Plan subscription for one year along with numerous other benefits, entitles you to our support and upgradation services free of cost. Hence, this package contains many essential components to make your website successful!


  • Actual Cost $4,683.00
  • You pay $1,999.00
  • Discount $2,684.00

This package provides you with One Time Payment Plan for Android & iOS Apps along with our latest and advanced features for Mobile Apps.

Deep Linking/Universal Linking in iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Stories Feature in iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Live Broadcasting / Streaming for iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Crowdfunding / Donations Plugin Integration with Android Mobile App for SocialEngine

Building Graphic Assets for Mobile Apps

  • Actual Cost $2,692.00
  • You pay $1,499.00
  • Discount $1,193.00

iOS & Android Mobile Apps
for SocialEngine

The future of community building is on mobile.
Get your community in the hands of your customers with our beautiful, robust and native mobile solutions.

  • One-time Payment with 6-months Support - $499
  • Mobile Apps Subscription - ($79/ Monthly or $429/ 6-Monthly or $809/ Yearly)

Our Recent Works

Arts & Entertainment
Social Networks
Interest Based Groups
Travel & Photography

Why Choose Us ?

  • Domain Expertise

    We have expertise in SocialEngine platform, as well as in the domains of online community building, social networking and e-commerce, to deliver right solutions for your SocialEngine based online community.

  • Fully Responsive Themes & Plugins

    We deliver fully responsive Themes & Plugins to make your website accessible on all devices.

  • High Quality Products

    Delivering high quality products is our core strength. We never compromise with work quality.

  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps

    We build robust, engaging and feature-rich native iOS & Android Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based online community.

  • Custom Development Projects

    We offer fully customized web and mobile apps development solutions to suit your business ideas and to make your business succeed.

  • Cost Effective

    We offer products and services at cost effective rates and we always find a solution that falls into your budget.

  • Expert Hosting Team

    No need to worry about hosting your online community. We have an expert in-house system admin team that can host your website on a scalable AWS cloud as well as on dedicated hosting server.

  • Promised Delivery

    With the best team, we strive to deliver the highest quality technology solutions. We allocate a team of designers, developers and testers to make sure that our work is delivered on time.

  • Great Support

    We know how important quick and great support is for the success of your online community. Support for our products & solutions is our strength, and we never let you down on that.

Client Testimonials

  • We became interested in SocialEngineAddons as we begin reviewing their plugins and discovering the depth and breath in which they are implemented across the SE platform. SEAddons take their support as seriously as you take your Business. So - its a good match.

    • Brent A. GoMainSt.com
  • Was a lil bit worried about purchasing this plug-in but made the purchase and I am not regretting it.Highly recommended

    • Tyrone Teen Stars Online For Fans, By Fans
  • SocialEngineAddOns is an excellent developer and make some of the best products on the market that we consider to be a must have to take your social network to the next level.

    • Steve BikersPost
  • SEAO is the best plugin developer for SE by far. We use their products for our networks and they totally rock!! *****

    • Duman Isareti BizBize
  • I recommend SEAO to anyone looking to run a great social network mobile app. Thanks to the app, I have seen membership jumped immediately. Thank you SEAO!

    • Dayne Edwards FiveFold
  • I would recommend all of you to try them and to try to work with SocialEngineAddons. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine my projects without them. Thank you very much SEAO!!

    • Fernando Sicilia Mendoza Todo Acuario
  • We have been developing our in-house solution before, but after moving to SocialEngine AddOns, we realized this is the best value for us, with experienced and very supportive team.

    • Jozef TeamResort
  • We've been waiting for this plugin & it is by far, one of our favorites. I also have to add that the support we receive from SocialEngineAddons is EXCELLENT. We're very excited about the Mobile App that they're also working on. We welcome people to check out our site, both from a desktop & from a mobile device so you can see the difference. www.igocity.com Thankyou SocialEngineAddons for all of your hard work & for keeping the price of your plugins affordable.

    • Cynthia B. Ziperz
  • I'm really looking forward to what new 'extensions' this team will come up with, too! :) They're always looking for new ways to enhance their already existing plugins, which sets them apart from others, and why I am a huge fan and customer! And their support is fabulous, too!

    • Tanya H. Lit Connect
  • Quick support, good developer team

    • James KartPulse
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Our Hard Work Appraised!

Dayne Edwards

A special thanks to SocialApps.tech. You guys have become an incredible part of my success. You have taken my dreams and my vision and make it a reality. I am in love with your mobile app, both iOS and Android. The physical side of my site is just awesome. The appearance , the visuals and everything is beautiful and smooth. You have some incredible plugins and products. I recommend you to all those people who wants to take their website to the next level. You customer service is just beyond incredible.

Thank you for always being there for me and supply me the best products. Looking Forward to work with you again!


In 2014, we become customers of Bigstep Technologies and I must say it has been a wonderful journey. We are able to realise our dreams and vision in short span of time. Bigstep Technologies have some amazing products and services.

A special mention here is the support team. Support team is impeccable and offer quick and quality responses.

I recommend Bigstep Technologies’ products and services to people in our network. Especially to those who are looking to create remarkable mobile apps solutions and require wonderful support services.


I am an owner of a website that runs on SocialEngine platform. I’ve had it for the last 3 or 4 years and I have a website with about 17000 members and I am here to provide the review for SEAO. They are fantastic. I really like what they can do. Their services are great. They are always there to help me. Their plugins are fantastic I use a number of them probably about 7 or 8 at this point. It integrates seamlessly with SocialEngine. They continuously update those plugins.

Tanya Hayat

I was looking for a company which can support the needs of my business and something that i can trust in and from I know I can get quality of work without having to keep breaking the bank or pushing out my timeline further and that really lead me to SEAO. Through the use of their plugins I started to really notice just what kinda quality work I was working with. The times when I did have to reach out to them in terms of support , they were so responsive to me. They were immediate , they were effective and they were very efficient in the way they handle things so I knew I've earned something. So over the course of the years, I have been using SEAO since 2012.

Founders of Engineers International Community

We realised the problems of engineers reagrding their career and for which strong solution was needed. The solution comes in the form of engineersic.com. In order for us to do that and provide that solution we needed something that is afforadable but in the same time on the highest quality possible. Thats when we came up with SocialEngine. We came to realise that the solution is very powerful but it needs so much enhancements. After that we started to look for the best development company that works in the SocialEngine core and that is why we came to SocialApps.tech which is the Bigstep Technologies. It has the highest number of customers and the best UX and the plugins that they provide which helped our community to grow to make use of these plugins like documents, sharing articles and sharing job applications. This video is a simple Thank You. Thank you for trying and helping us and make our dreams come true.

Achievements | Productive Experiences

Keeping in sight a strong vision, we aim to develop engaging mobile apps and web solutions which can increase engagement and result in high ROI with maximum conversions.

  • 7000+ Clients
  • 160+ Products
  • 80+ Resources Strength
  • 950+ reviews on Developer Profile
  • 200+ reviews on Facebook

The CMS Critic Awards

SocialEngine is CMS Critic Award Winner for
Best Social Network Software in

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