Good Day! We became interested in SocialEngineAddons as we begin reviewing their plugins and discovering the depth and breath in which they are implemented across the SE platform. We take this very seriously because we are implementing 7 sites across a Flagship GoMainSt and 6 Vertical Industries. It is our Livelihood and we also have to support whatever we chose to implement. The extensive features in Business Directories, Commerce Listings, Groups, Wall Activities with specific plugins such as geolocation, advertising, video etc combined with Mobile are the best you will find and the support can be no finer. SEAddons take their support as seriously as you take your Business. So - its a good match. If you are looking for a leg-up on the competition - our recommendation is that your best bet - is to start right here with SocialEngineAddons.  

Brent A.

Another wonderfully thought out and developed plugin from the SEAO Team!! Just like with all their other plugins, you really can't grasp just how many options you have with making the plugin 'your own' until you actually instal and activate!

The plugin is filled with options, engaging for members, and brings new life to the site with its ability to create a whole new ball game when it comes to groups!

I'm really looking forward to what new 'extensions' this team will come up with, too! :) They're always looking for new ways to enhance their already existing plugins, which sets them apart from others, and why I am a huge fan and customer! And their support is fabulous, too!

Tanya H.
Lit Connect

We have been waiting for this plugin and it is by far, one of our favorites. With so many people using SMART phones and TABLETS, your website cannot afford to be without a Mobile version of your site. We had noticed that our bounce rate was very high from visitors who came to our site using mobile devices before we added this plugin. Now our bounce rate is much lower as this plugin has made it easier for our members and visitors to navigate. I also have to add that the support we receive from SocialEngineAddons is EXCELLENT. We are very excited about the Mobile App that they are also working on. We welcome people to check out our site, both from a desk top and from a mobile device so you can see the difference. www.igocity.com Thank you SocialEngineAddons for all of your hard work and for keeping the price of your plugins affordable.  

Cynthia B.

Thanks a lot,SocialEngineAddOns is just amazing,you have helped me make my dream come true,your products are just what is required for anybody dreaming to build a big community.To be honest i would wish to work closely with you as i keep building this commmunity.  


One word to describe SocialEngineAddOns = Perfection !! I could not ask for a better service  

SocialEngineAddOns is an excellent developer and make some of the best products on the market that we consider to be a must have to take your social network to the next level.
They are continually updating their products and provide timely support for them as well.
We enjoy working with SocialEngineAddOns and look fwd to their future developments


SEAO did a great job helping us test and install their mobile app package. We love it and our members love it too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SEAO to anyone who is building a social network. They are the best at what they do!  

John Berkowitz
Gearfire Hub

Words cannot express how grateful I am for SEAO. These guys go above and beyond with great customer service. They have created the best mobile app I've seen so far. The smooth look and feel. I recommend SEAO to anyone looking to run a great social network mobile app. Thanks to the app, I have seen membership jumped immediately. Thank you SEAO!  

Dayne Edwards

I've been making websites for years. Some years ago I started working with SocialEngineAddons and since that moment, all my websites improved a lot. Starting working with them is one of the best thing I've done. Now, I have my own mobile apps and my websites are growing faster than before. In fact since I have my apps, the visits on my website have increased 3 times. I would recommend all of you to try them and to try to work with SocialEngineAddons. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine my projects without them. Thank you very much SEAO!!  

Fernando Sicilia Mendoza
Todo Acuario

We are very happy with our mobile app. We have gotten very positive feedback from our customers and the integration with our website provides the users with a very navigable and easy to learn structure. Our platform is home to many specialists and enthusiasts in the cyber security fields who interact between each other individually and in group participation; therefore having a mobile app that is both straightforward and easy to use is rather important for people that are normally quite busy but need to stay up to date in the cyber community. The SocialEngineAddOns team have been very friendly and open to suggestions. We have taken note that they stay on top of security and feature updates and are always eager to improve their product and have our recommendation.  

SEAO is the best plugin developer for SE by far. We use their products for our networks and they totally rock!! *****  

Duman Isareti

Fast and Competent. Their help is always precious for us.  


I'm happy to write here that i've got few plugins from SE Addon team and all plugins work great! I'm very impressed of their kind support that coming up so fast everytime i contact them.Very much appreciate their work and strongly recommend to everyone! Thank you SE addons!  

I would like to thank you guys for all your support you are giving us. From the moment of purchasing SocialEngine AddOns have been always very supportive in all phases of our product deployment - SE core and all plugins installation, deployment on hosting, back-up, SSL installation.

We have been developing our in-house solution before, but after moving to SocialEngine AddOns, we realized this is the best value for us, with experienced and very supportive team.

Well done guys, we are glad that we can work with you guys!
Jozef K., eServe Ltd.


Was a lil bit worried about purchasing this plug-in but made the purchase and I am not regretting it. Awesome FB integration that allowed me to see results after the first day on my site only a week launched. Had a minor issue that was caused by a folders permissions and support was quick and had the issue solved in a timely manner. Highly recommended  

Quick support, good developer team  


I recently migrated a Ning 2.0 network to the SocialEngine platform. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven! I have been very impressed with the power, flexibility, and user-friendliness of the SE platform. I have also been super impressed with the community of plugin makers and programmers that support this community.

I currently use three plugins made and supported by SocialEngineAddOns: Advanced Videos, Advanced Members, and Advanced Slideshow. As I've learned how to use these plugins, I've been delighted with how much firepower they bring to the table. The Advanced Video plugin has taken my network to a whole new level with the ability to organize the 2,000 plus videos we have. The Advanced Member plugin has made our member profiles more attractive and given us multiple search options. And the Advanced Slideshow allowed us to create a smooth, polished header for the network.

But the real star of the show has been the tech support. As a newbie, I needed help understanding how to use and configure these powerful plugins and the tech support offered by SocialEngineAddOns has made all the difference. Every time I've had a question, or run into a problem, they've jumped in and either given me the answer I needed or logged into my network and sorted things out themselves. They've also been quick to fix issues on their end and been open to suggestions for new plugin features. The highest compliment I can give SocialEngineAddOns is to say that we're not only using their plugins, and loving them!, but we'll be coming back for more. And we'll be telling others about our experiences too.

Thanks to SocialEngineAddOns, and the SE platform, our network, which was on its last legs on Ning, has risen from the dead!

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