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Upgrade Your SocialEngine Website to 4.10.3p5 for Critical Security Patch

  A critical security patch has been released by SocialEngine '4.10.3p5', this patch fixes a CSRF vulnerability which allows someone with advanced knowledge the ability to take over an account by changing the email if the website allows HTML and if advanced code were injected to the website due to allowing HTML or iframes. So, SocialEngine recommends not allowing members to add iframes and only allowing HTML to be used by trusted members.

SocialEngineAddOns 2018 CountUp - Releases & Achievements !

We, Team SocialEngineAddOns, happily proclaim that 2018 has been really productive in terms of new releases for us. Our top accomplishment in this year is the successful releases of more than 26 Products and Services collectively. These products have enabled our clients' business to grow on multiple fronts including features, traffic, engagement and revenue. We have also increased our technical capabilities that would enable us to serve our clients' advanced technology requirements.

Boost Engagement in your Community with Voice & Video Calling

Increase user engagement and growth with Text Messages + Video Calling + Voice Calling! Add Powered real-time messaging inside your community.

Attractive Offer: 30% Off on New Release - Progressive Web Apps

SocialEngineAddOns is providing you an incredible opportunity to expand user engagement on your Community using our newly released plugin: Mobile / Tablet Plugin - Progressive Web App.   &nb

New Release: Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin To Make your SocialEngine Website Elegant and Attractive

The look, design and feel of a website are great factors which play significant role in increasing user engagement on the site and which reflect your professionalism. So, our new Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin is designed to add beauty factor to your site. Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin enables you to design very beautiful and attractive slideshows for your website.

New Release: Widen your reach with Progressive Web App Plugin

There has been exponential increase in the number of people using Mobile Phones and hence growing the prerequisite for Websites to target customers on Mobile Devices.

Action Required : Update your Android Mobile App to version 3.2.3

    Save your Android App from getting unpublished by Play Store Team, Update your app now to Android App version 3.2.3 Request App Update Google Play

Black Friday Discount: Get 20% Off On Everything!

We’re in the Holiday Season!   Yes! It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday which is the most awaited time of the year for many of us as we enjoy the heavy rains of discounts & offers.