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New Release: Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin For SocialEngine and Last 3 Days of 20% Discount

We have recently released Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin which enables you to customize the error pages of your website including Maintenance Mode page, Coming Soon page, Login Required page, etc. We all come across errors while browsing the Internet such as Login Required error, Maintenance Mode, 404 Page Not Found error, etc.

New iOS App Release : Video Autoplay, New Video Player, Quick Content Posting and more

We at SocialEngineAddOns are continuing to push the envelope, trying to deliver new features that will allow App Users to interact with the app in a whole new experience. - Best Messaging Experience for SocialEngine now with New UI - The Best Messaging Service is now out with a new release to continue providing you the Best User Experience. Check their Revamped Web Interface with a whole set of new features!

Comparison between Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps & Responsive Themes

Progressive Web Apps are the next version of web apps which offer native app user experience. Native Apps are specifically written for a specific device type or a set of device types.

Upgrade Your SocialEngine Website to 4.10.3p5 for Critical Security Patch

  A critical security patch has been released by SocialEngine '4.10.3p5', this patch fixes a CSRF vulnerability which allows someone with advanced knowledge the ability to take over an account by changing the email if the website allows HTML and if advanced code were injected to the website due to allowing HTML or iframes. So, SocialEngine recommends not allowing members to add iframes and only allowing HTML to be used by trusted members.

SocialEngineAddOns 2018 CountUp - Releases & Achievements !

We, Team SocialEngineAddOns, happily proclaim that 2018 has been really productive in terms of new releases for us. Our top accomplishment in this year is the successful releases of more than 26 Products and Services collectively. These products have enabled our clients' business to grow on multiple fronts including features, traffic, engagement and revenue. We have also increased our technical capabilities that would enable us to serve our clients' advanced technology requirements.