Live Broadcasting / Streaming for iOS and Android Mobile Apps - Available with New Features Now!

Wednesday May 19, 2021   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

A Livestream platform connects you instantly to your employees, customers, subscribers, or followers when a virtual event or series is your best option. We are glad to announce that we have released a major upgrade for Live Broadcasting / Streaming for iOS and Android Mobile App which will help you to provide better user experience.

New Features

Allow Recording

This plugin allows the admin to enable/ disable recording as per member level. If recording is disabled, users will be able to broadcast videos but not share them.

Maximum Allowed Live Streamings

Admin can restrict a maximum number of live streamings for a particular member level. After the limit, user can be no longer allowed to create streamings.

Live Streaming Privacy

Admin can enable a set of privacy options for users with respect to the member level. These options will be visible at the time of streaming.

Notify Audience

This plugin allows the broadcaster to choose a set of audiences he wants to notify. (Everyone, Friends, Networks)

Maximum Allowed Time for Live Videos

Admin can restrict time duration for which app users can go live for member levels. Users will get to see a message with an allowed time limit for live video and after that time limit, live video will stop in itself.


This section allows admin to filter videos as per the title, owner name and member level.


- If we upgrade livestreaming plugin then need to create a new recording server as well.
- The website and recording server should be on https for proper functioning of this plugin.

Check out these Amazing Enhancements in Demo iOS App and Android App

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If you need this feature for your website, you can refer to our Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting / Go Live Plugin .

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