Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps

Are you facing major issues, lagging of your website and mobile apps for not receiving or not able to send the notifications on the exact time? is here to help you with its new service i.e, Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps, from which communities can provide their users the best experience by quickly reacting to the actions performed by their users.

Price: $99

Irrespective of the rush on your Website and Mobile Apps, this service allows you to send & receive real-time notifications of the executed actions taken by users. It will help the users to be more interactive and increases user engagement. With the help of this service, users can respond to the request or on the actions performed by their community members without any delay in it.

NOTE: This service does not work for push notifications.


Real-time Notification Service for Website & Mobile Apps allows your notifications to be 10 times faster than normal notifications.

You can purchase this service for a particular plugin based on your requirement as well.

Our developers will add the required code for plugins for which the service has been purchased.

This notification service will not be dependent on the job scheduler running in the background, it just sends the notification as soon as the user hits the request.

This service will be extremely helpful for the communities having larger numbers of users and normal notifications can make your website speed slow.

Our team will allow this service to be run on the same server and new server can also be set up based on client's requirement which can make it more reliable and increases the efficiency of the website and mobile apps.

Why Choose Us?

  • 01This service will help you to improve user experience on the website and mobile apps.
  • 02Websites using the Live Streaming, Web User Stories Plugin, Stories feature for Mobile Apps, etc. requires a much faster real-time notification service, as it helps users to join the live videos and get an update about the stories.
  • 03Our Service will handles the Notification load of your website and mobile apps can manage the asked request with ease.
  • 04Our team will take care of issues faced by you in customized plugins and will provide you complete assistance for your queries.

Our Goal

Our goal is to save your time and establish a good connection with your Customers.

Still not convinced?



Why do I need to opt for this service? An updated website is important for retaining users, high seo rankings, improved brand image/brand awareness to get a good return on your investment, and most importantly to maintain the websites' value.

How much time will be required to deliver this service? This service can be completed in 24 - 48 hours.

If we buy this service for a particular plugin, will it work for all its related extensions as well? No, The Service will work for the purchased plugin, you have to purchase this service for required extensions separately.

Will this Service be dependent on the Privacy, Notifications or Email settings of the site? No, This service is independent of these settings and if the user enables / disables any of the options of these settings, it will not affect the working of Notifications Service.

If we change our Server IP Address or database details, will this Service be running on the New IP Address? No, You have to update our team with the new details, and the database and the hosting details must be the same so that our team can update the details and the changes can be done in the code accordingly.

Does this service work for push notifications as well? No, This service does not work for push notifications.

Can this Service be implemented for the Channelize? No, This service does not work for Channelize.

Will this service run on the same server on which our website and apps run? Yes, It can be run on the same server and we can also set up a new server based on the requirement of the client, our team will need the access to run the node for which client need to provide the server Ip or name based URL.

Details RequiredWe will require the below information before proceeding with the implementation of this service. Please send these to us via a Support Ticket from your Client Area after purchasing this service:
1) Your SocialEngine License key
2) Your Website Information:
- Website URL
- Admin Email
- Admin Password
3)FTP or SSH Details:
- FTP Host or SSH Host:
- SSH Port:
- FTP User Name or SSH User (root access):
- FTP Password or SSH Password:
4) Database information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):
- Host
- Username
- Password