25% Discount: Celebrating SocialEngine Managed Release

Wednesday June 2, 2021   |   News & Updates   |   Leave a Comment

SocialEngine has taken a quantum leap by introducing 'SocialEngine Managed'. With SocialEngine Managed, all the potential offered by SocialEngine PHP, 'Updates | Patches | Hosting' has been clubbed into a package making it convenient for community owners to use. To celebrate this breakthrough, is offering a great discount of 25% until June 7th, 2021 on:

Mobile Apps | Plugins | Discounted Kits | Packages | Subscriptions | Themes

Avail the offer by using Coupon Code: NEWTHEME25 during checkout

Glimpse of Our Recent Releases

Live Broadcasting / Streaming for Mobile Apps - Available with New Features Now!

We have released a major upgrade with new features for Live Broadcasting / Streaming Service for iOS & Android Apps which will help you to provide better user experience.

Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting / Go Live Plugin

In the ever-growing digital market, Live Streaming & Broadcasting is one of the most exciting, easy, and interactive ways to share our experience and increase user engagement on the website.

 $499.00Buy Now

Services Booking & Appointments Plugin for Apps

Services Booking & Appointments Plugin allows your users to book services online. Providers and services can be created, users can book the services at available time durations.

 $99.00Buy Now

Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 5.5.0

Do you need help with upgrading "SocialEngine PHP 5.5.0" on your website? Let us help you in upgrading SocialEngine on your website and get your social engine based community rolling.

$39.00 Buy Now

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SocialEngine has also introduced a section within their community for establishing a better connection between the experts and clients. We request you to please join group (after signing up) to stay up-to-date with the upcoming releases, exciting events and offers. Please contact us in case of any queries.

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