Updates of all the recent activities and latest releases to charm your interests

Setup AWS CDN - Boost Up Your Website Speed

Most of the user data is now-a-days on internet. Ranging from a simple search on any of the search engine like Google, Bing etc. upto video streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix or YouTube, we look for good speed while browsing anything over internet. Let's say, you are streaming a live video on Amazon Prime or Netflix, despite of a good internet connection on your mobile, the video buffers too slow.

SocialEngineAddOns Celebrating 73rd Independence Day with 25% Discount on Everything!

Let's celebrate together, the 73rd Independence Day of our Beloved Country! Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty. It took sacrifices of the lives of people to set our nation “FREE”.

SocialEngineAddOns - The Most Exciting Upcoming Releases in Web & Mobile Apps !

We are thrilled to tell you that we will be releasing new plugins as well as enhanced features in mobile apps. You can have a glimpse of it.

New Release: Exciting Features in iOS App for SocialEngine

  In today’s world, time is running fast and waits for none and so, realizing this fact, the user wishes to join the community with just a Single Click eliminating not-required steps while registration.

New Release: Responsive Versatile Theme - A Theme to Glorify Your Website

We delightedly announce the release of our new theme Versatile - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme. The theme has been provided with many astounding features and amazing visual effects which can definitely add to the attractiveness of your SocialEngine based community.

Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4 with SocialEngineAddOns Compatible Plugins & Themes

As SocialEngine has recently released SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4 version with some important bug fixes, so we recommend you to upgrade your website to this latest version. All SocialEngineAddOns Plugins & Themes are fully compatible with SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4.

Exciting Features Released in Android App: Shimmering Effect, Image Compression, Add Friend Widget and a few more!

  Recently, we have implemented many engaging features in our Mobile Apps like Multi-Currency, Deeplinking/Universal Linking, Live Broadcasting, Video Autoplay, Go Live on Member Level Basis , and more, which have played a prominent role in increasing user engagement in the community.   It’s easy to get new users, but a bit tough to retain them in any community.

Need Dedicated Developers For Your SocialEngine Website? SocialEngineAddOns Is Here For You!

Today is a world of the web when almost all kinds of businesses are having their online presence. Online presence is important as it has much wider reach than any other medium. So, if you are also planning to take your business online using SocialEngine PHP platform, then we are here for you.

Celebrating SocialEngineAddOns 11th Anniversary With 20% Discount

  Accomplishing milestone of 11 successful years is another victory and inspiration to achieve more with higher enthusiasm. In these 11 years, we have published high quality products & services. While you are using our products we are busy enhancing that experience even better by pushing the boundaries.

Exciting News on SocialEngine PHP !

Great news for SocialEngine PHP users! SocialEngine has recently announced to not only continue with PHP version but also updating and developing it. SocialEngine PHP platform will get updated with bug fixes and feature requests. How this announcement may affect you?