Services Booking & Appointments Plugin - Now compatible with Mobile Apps !

Friday April 16, 2021   |   News & Updates , New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment

We are glad to announce that our Services Booking & Appointments Plugin is compatible with Android as well as iOS Apps. It introduces a services booking system to your SocialEngine based social community. Users can create service providers along with the services offered by those providers.

Key Features

Calendar Based Bookings

A user will be presented a calendar showing possible time slots for booking appointments of any service, he can book any number of appointments by selecting the required time slots.

Reviews & Ratings

Users can be provided an option to give their reviews and ratings on the services and providers.

Automatic & Admin Based Approval

Admin can select whether all the services / providers are published just after creation or if these need to be approved by him first for going live.

Services & Providers Wishlist

Users can add services and providers which are useful for them to their wishlist so that they can quickly see their favorite entries that they can benefit from.

Automatic Cost Calculations

The total costs of multiple booked appointments are calculated by the plugin itself, users or providers do not have to do any calculations.

Check out these Amazing Enhancements in Demo iOS App and Android App

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