New Service: Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps

Monday March 22, 2021   |   New Releases   |   Leave a Comment

We’re excited to announce all our customers on the release of the new service i.e; Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps that allows you to send & receive real-time notifications and helpful for communities having larger number of users which helps to respond to the request or on the actions performed by their community members without any delay in it.

Key Features

Faster than Normal notifications

Real-time Notification Service for Website & Mobile Apps allows your notifications to be 10 times faster than normal notifications.

Independent of Job Scheduler

This notification service will not be dependent on the job scheduler running in the background, it just sends the notification as soon as the user hits the request.

Handles huge Traffic

This service will be extremely helpful for the communities having larger numbers of users & websites using the Live Streaming, Web User Stories Plugin, Stories features.

Same Server Setup

Our team will allow this service to be run on the same server and new server can also be set up based on client's requirement which can make it more reliable and increases the efficiency of the website and mobile apps.

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