GIF Service - Now compatible with iOS App

Tuesday March 16, 2021   |   New Releases , Mobile Apps   |   Leave a Comment is here with a new service "GIF Service for iOS App" to keep our apps updated with the latest trends in digital world and allow users to make their social networking profiles looks attractive & appealing. The increasing trend of using GIF images in digital world is known to everyone. People love to share GIF images on their social networking profiles and websites.

Key Features

Unlimited GIFs

Unlimited GIF Images are provided to users from GIPHY for better engagement within the community.

Automated Image Preview

Preview of images are created automatically before posting so that users can have a look of their content before making it visual to the digital world.

Integration with GIPHY

Multiple Images can be imported to the website from GIPHY based on the keywords entered and will reflect in the apps that will allow more users to get engaged and enhanced user experience.

Searching of GIFs

This feature allows users to search GIF Images via GIPHY and also let their users to search the imported "GIF from website" by simply entering the keywords.

Post GIFs via Comments

This feature allow users to post GIF Images via comments with various search filter options that can help to make their conversation interesting.

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In Coming weeks, we will be making this service compatible with android app as well. If have any query, feel free to Contact Us


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