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As the Mobile Apps Industry is growing at a very fast pace, constant improvements and adaptability plays an important role in the success of every business. Our main goal has always been catering to the needs of our customers in the best possible way, and are continuously working on the upgradation, enhancements to keep our customers updated with the latest market trends.

To Improve the growth of our customers in the Mobile Apps Industry, is releasing some interesting features and are going to make our Mobile Apps much more compatible including a few enhancements, some minor bug fixes that will help you to provide a great user experience.

New Features Released

Guest Checkout Feature

This feature allows users to add products to the cart and successfully do the checkout as a guest without even login to the app.

Trial Subscription Feature

Users trying to become a member of the community can now purchase the Subscriptions Plans on signup and can access more features on the apps compared to other users.

Add People to Groups

Group owners can now add other users to their groups and provide the authority to the members of the group to add their friends.

Apps Compatible with Our Plugins

We have made our Mobile Apps compatible with our Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin and GIF Images Player & GIPHY Integration Plugin that made the mobile apps enriched with features.

Minor Bug Fixes

Along with these add-ons & enhancements, we've improved the code, fixed various minor bugs across the app, which will result in more optimised & efficient user experience.

To explore these new features check out our Demo iOS App and Android App

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Glimpse of Our Recent Releases

Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 5.9.0

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Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin

Course Builder / Learning Management Plugin is a management tool that comes with a lot of powerful features and allows users to create courses, topics & Multimedia lessons.

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Upgrade to SocialEngine PHP 5.9.0 Without Overwriting Custom Work

Do you need help with upgrading "SocialEngine PHP 5.9.0" without overwriting custom changes? Let us help you in upgrading your website without overwriting custom work.

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New Facebook Clone Package

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Facebook with the customizations of your choice? Then this Package will be the awesome choice to build SocialEngine website in a couple of few minutes.

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